Climate Barbie Speaks!

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35 Responses to Climate Barbie Speaks!

  1. Rud Istvan says:

    Wonderful nailing of Climate Barbie. Like the doll, no brains.

  2. It’s not nice to make fun of stupid people. But it is entertaining.

    • toorightmate says:

      Don’t insult stupid people by putting her in the same basket.
      She is more stupid than “normal stupid” could ever be. A very good match for Mick Jagger’s son.

    • RAH says:

      What makes her a special stupid is that she thinks she’s brilliant and believe others think so too.

  3. feathers says:

    In 1932, the bobsleigh race was held two days after the games’ closing ceremonies due to unseasonably warm weather.

  4. Klimate Kandy says:

    This hoax is being pursued because of the stated intention to introduce a New World Order.

    Here, Bianca Jagger announces a New World Order during a speech launching the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in 2008.

    “I thank the German government for this opportunity, and Hermann Scheer for his outstanding work.

    Also on behalf of the World Future Council, of which I am the Chair, I urge each of you support the establishment of IRENA as heralding a new world order, in which we can look forward to safe, affordable, secure and stable energy sources for all.”

  5. gregole says:

    Climate Barbie – just another clueless talking head. Might as well be an automaton.

    • Freddy Boom-Boom says:

      Who said she wasn’t?

    • arn says:

      The problem is not being clueless but her disgussting ignorance ,lies and propaganda.

      During all those supercold weeks and tons of snow(which all could have been used to promote and “prove” the ice age scare of the 60-70ies)
      she did not say a word-barbie nowhere to be seen.
      But as soon as there are a few warm hours somewhere in the states she jumps out like a rabid dog and starts barking and calling it proove for apocalypse.

  6. Wilbert says:

    Laugh all you want!! but our Barbie looks better then your Climate Barbie ..Nancy P.

  7. Freddy Boom-Boom says:

    Another one for you. From New England in 1802.

  8. Freddy Boom-Boom says:

    “A warm summer-like day in February…”

  9. Freddy Boom Boom says:

    And just for good measure – part of the intro discussing winter that were turning into summer:

  10. John Niclasen says:

    A bit of warmth on the east coast, with cold north, south, east, and west of it.
    What to focus on?

  11. richard says:

    Off piste- but clever of Exxon.

    Exxon are fighting back-

    “Statements made to potential investors contradict allegations made by the municipalities when they sued the energy industry, the filing says. For example:

    -San Mateo County’s complaint says it is “particularly vulnerable to sea level rise” and that there is a 93% chance the county experiences a “devastating” flood before 2050. However, bond offerings in 2014 and 2016 noted that the county “is unable to predict whether sea-level rise or other impacts of climate change or flooding from a major storm will occur”;

    • Kris Johanson says:

      A California county board of supervisors making materially false statements on a bond-offering prospectus? Sounds like a great opportunity for an ambitious securities lawyer somewhere…

  12. arn says:

    What was once unthinkable-people paying with their taxpayer money dilletante parasites to be lied,betrayed and deceived by them-
    is now the new normal.

    btw-until now i thought that dustbin trudeau is climate barbie.

    • gregole says:

      Hey Arn,

      Isn’t it great keeping up on the Climate Change story – just from the perspective of seeing it all through the eyes of foreign leaders… I’m American, (I lived in Germany for three years in the ’70s) and really have very little interest in other countries leaders and politics. I just have no interest in minding other people’s business; but got interested in what was then called “Global Warming” when Climategate I hit in 2009. Interesting to see other world leaders and rating them on their Climate / Energy policy:

      Trudeau – Stupid / Ignorant pretty boy – see Climate Barbie for proof
      Merkel – Insane / Destroyer of Worlds – see Energiewende and immigration for proof
      Macron – Another pretty-boy ignoramus – “send me your climate scientists”. Well you may have them! Please take them all!
      May – She pulls weakness from strength by being a fake conservative.
      Orban – One bright spot in Europe.

    • Robertv says:

      In every political system the worst floats to the top. That’s why government must have limited power and the people be well educated.

    • R2Dtoo says:

      They probably are working on changing their roles.

  13. GW Smith says:

    It doesn’t matter. The facts don’t matter. The claim, repeated ad nausea, is all that matters. Saul Alinsky.

  14. Lance says:

    Climate Barbie….Not the brightest candle…previous tweets that went south were Happy Penguin day with a picture of a Puffin, and celebrating Canadian Olympic Athletes in Pyongyang (NK)….

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      You are not fair to her. In addition to her responsibility for the atmosphere she also carries the “White Man’s Burden”. Who’s supposed to remember all these funny places and names?

      But admittedly everyone on the continent was told where the Olympics take place.

  15. Darwin Willett says:

    Since 1929 several people introduced huge fuel mileage and reduced emissions however these same people where crushed , gaged , paid for silence or just killed by big oil or private interest. It is time for the people to stand against big oil and private interests !!!!!!

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