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Understanding The Relationship Between Global Warming And Extreme Weather

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Six Years Since NASA And The New York Times Announced The End Of The World

Game Over for the Climate – The New York Times

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Going Green In China

Due to very cold weather in Asia, China is trying to ramp up their coal production to keep people from freezing to death. Power producers want more coal to tide over shortages –China Economic Net Meanwhile, Al Gore says China … Continue reading

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New Video : Most Delusional Climate Alarmists Ever

Featuring Chelsea Clinton

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Fakest Democrats Ever!

Chelsea Clinton says that the oceans are the hottest ever! If Chelsea thinks the oceans are hot, perhaps she should take a swim in water outside her Manhattan apartment. NYC Ferry uses tugboats to break up ice in New York … Continue reading

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Chalk One Up For The Climate Mafia

Last February I moderated a panel at CPAC which included President Trump’s (future) pick for head of the Environmental Quality Council. She was the perfect choice for the job, having a solid understanding of the global warming scam, and having … Continue reading

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The Heatwave Of January 1950

January 1950 was 18 degrees warmer than this year at Bloomington, Indiana. During January 1950, Bloomington had several days approaching 80 degrees. The years 1950, 1951 and 1952 had very warm January weather across much of the US. There has … Continue reading

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Scientists Say!

There is a 97% chance that any newspaper article which includes the words “scientists say” – is fake news. Ten years ago, CNN reported scientists said the North Pole would be ice free that summer, the Northwest Passage was open … Continue reading

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The Loyal Opposition

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Going Viral …

This video has had 6,000 views so far today. Not sure why …

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