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How Cold Is It This Morning?

It is so cold, the owl has ice around his eyes.

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Coldest February 20 On Record In Boulder

Today is haircut day for my assistants, before we move out to Sunny Philadelphia for a couple of months. Yesterday’s maximum temperature of twelve degrees was the coldest February 20 on record in Boulder. NCAR Foothills Lab Weather (english, 5-minute) … Continue reading

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“Firearm Laws First”

Before the German National Socialist Party could begin implementing their genocide against Jews, they understood (as all socialists do) that the people they were targeting had to be disarmed first. 12 Nov 1938, Page 1 – La Grande Observer at … Continue reading

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The typical American child will view more than 200,000 acts of violence, including more than 16,000 murders before age 18. Television programs display 812 violent acts per hour; children’s programming, particularly cartoons, displays up to 20 violent acts hourly. The … Continue reading

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