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When In Rome ….

Climate scientists like to start graphs in 1980, calling it the “start of the modern satellite era.”  There is no scientific basis for this designation, but I lack the academic credentials to dispute them. So let’s start today’s graph in … Continue reading

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Show Offs!

The local Kestrels were were in a mood for modeling this morning!

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One Tee Time Left Today

The Greenland Country Club is busy today. Call Jenny at 867-5309 to reserve the last spot. summit:status:webcam

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The Perfect Gift For Your Progressive Child

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A Simple Plan To Save Climate Science

I rode my bicycle up to the National Center For Atmospheric Research (NCAR) yesterday -like I do most days. NCAR has been experiencing record cold the last few days. The first director of NCAR was Dr. Walter Orr Roberts, a … Continue reading

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Socialists have been using children for propaganda – for as long as there have been socialists.

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Climate Barbie Speaks!

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