Photo Opportunity

I should be crossing the Ohio River on Monday.

National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service

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  1. John F. Hultquist says:

    Here is a site that lists Ohio River levels at Cincinnati:

    1966 – Feb 52.9
    1967 – March 59.8; and May 49.8
    1968 – May 56.8

    Don’t know if the measurements are from the same place or done in the same way.
    We were there in ’66 and ’67; left before the ’68 one

    One spring the City got 10″ of snow and folks that tried to drive would get out of the car and walk away.

    It is a great (small) city.

  2. CO2isLife says:

    Are you giving a talk in Ohio?

  3. David M. says:


    Where in the Philly area is your job site?

    You & the dogs can enjoy Valley Forge, French Creek Park, Marsh Creek Park and Fairmont Park. Regrettably, the pouches will have to be leashed in all, with the possible exception of Marsh Creek.
    Fairmont Park is the world’s largest inner city park. The NW part is safe.
    Valley Forge has wide open fields as well as trails and historical markers.
    French Creek features many trails thru woodlands.
    Marsh Creek has woodlands, fields and a large lake.

    Although less spectacular than CO, the Philly area offers a high quality life style.

    • tonyheller says:

      Fort Washington

      • David M. says:

        Wissahickon Valley Park is very pleasant. and nearby Dogs must be on a leash 6′ or shorter.

        If you seek companionship, troll your dogs through Valley Forge on weekends:-) If you just want exercise, go a little further west to French Creek Park. While in French Creek, you will feel 500 miles away from a city.

        The Keswick Theatre in Glenside is a great small venue for music.

        The entire Philly area has good, live community theatre. In fact, no other area where I have lived offers the # of community theatres.

        The Free Library in Philly is great, and you will be near at least 6 first rate universities–#1 being Haverford. Also, Penn, Swarthmore & Bryn Mawr. Drexel is good, too.

        I love CO (I lived there in the 1970s) AND SE PA. CO beckons one to explore. In PA, one will find a nice vale in which to settle.

    • Robertv says:

      Seems like a great place to have a canoa.

  4. Stewart Pid says:

    Pack a snorkel ;-)

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