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The Global Warming Scam Winds Down

The global warming scam officially ended on election day 2016.  But the bitter clingers are hanging on as long as they can, and our fake news agencies (like the New York Times) are crying about it. A Leading Climate Agency … Continue reading

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Declining June 27 Temperatures In The US

During the 1930’s, June 27 was a hot day in the US – but maximum temperatures and the likelihood of hot weather have dropped off sharply since the 1930s. On June 27, 1931 the vast majority of the US was … Continue reading

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Guardian : 205 Feet Of Sea Level Rise By 2095

In case you forgot for a minute that the left lives in a mindless fact-free fantasy world, the Guardian is predicting Florida will soon be underwater. Rising seas: ‘Florida is about to be wiped off the map’ | Environment | … Continue reading

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One Month Remaining To The Arctic Melting Scam

Climate alarmists are facing a catastrophic meltdown in the next 30 days. Arctic sea ice volume is the highest in fourteen years and is melting very slowly.  It is likely that 2018 will reach the highest volume in the DMI … Continue reading

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I Knew Someone Would Go There …

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