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Arctic Shipping Update

Unseasonably severe ice conditions are also clogging routes to Asia through the Northern Sea Route (NSR), leading to the extension of the winter-spring navigation of Atomflot’s nuclear ice-breakers, it said. Thick Sea Ice Blocks Exports From Yamal LNG Plant

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Declining June 24 Temperatures In The US

It is cold and wet here in Boulder today, but on the day after Hansen’s testimony in 1988, Boulder was 98 degrees. June 24 heat has been declining in the US for a century, with a sharp drop in the … Continue reading

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The End Is Nigh …

As with all recent summers, temperatures near the pole are running below normal. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Cold temperatures are forecast over the ice until mid-July. 10-Day Temperature Outlook By the last week of July, ice … Continue reading

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All The Fake News That Is Unfit To Print

“It’s very hard to see us fixing the climate,” Dr. Hansen said, “until we fix our democracy.” Opinion | A Prophet of Doom Was Right About the Climate – The New York Times We could fix our democracy by heeding … Continue reading

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Polar Melting Scam In Complete Collapse

Arctic sea ice volume is the highest in 13 years, and melting at a near record slow rate. Spreadsheet    Data Both the Northern Sea Route and Northwest Passage are blocked by thick ice. FullSize_CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20180623.png (1337×1113) Arctic sea ice extent is normal, … Continue reading

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