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In 1988 They Had An Excuse ….

People had an excuse for believing James Hansen’s BS this week in 1988.  Temperatures were very hot and the Mississippi River nearly dried up. Almost the entire country was above 90 degrees. But 1988 was an outlier – summer temperatures … Continue reading

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Summer Arrives – Greenland Continues To Gain Ice

The bad news keeps piling up for Arctic alarmists. Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI Sea surface temperatures around Greenland are record cold. anomnight.6.18.2018.gif (1174×640) The latest thaw on record in Greenland. Meanwhile, climate alarmists continue to lie about … Continue reading

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End Of June Ice Forecast

My forecast for the end of June is that 2018 Arctic sea ice volume will be in fourth place behind 2004, 2003 and 2014.

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“Hansen got it right”

The consensus of climate experts tell us NASA’s James Hansen was correct in 1988. Climate scientists’ consensus: James Hansen ‘got it right’ in congressional global warming and human causation testimony 30 years ago this week. Judgment on Hansen’s ’88 climate … Continue reading

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