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Running Colorado Off Imaginary Energy

Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself. Mark Twain Our brainless Congressmanperson, Jared Polis wants to be governor and turn Colorado’s very reliable and clean fossil fuel power grid, into … Continue reading

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Something Rotten In Denmark

The DMI Greenland melt graph and map seems to be stuck on a few days ago, with the June 8 values being exactly the same as the June 7 values. Joe Bastardi pointed this out yesterday. However there was almost … Continue reading

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Record Slow Arctic Melt Continues

Arctic sea ice volume is highest for the date in thirteen years. June melt so far is the slowest on record. Spreadsheet¬† ¬† Data The interior of the Arctic is covered with 1.5-5 meter thick ice, generally thicker than it … Continue reading

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Fly Quietly And Carry A Big Claw

About five years ago, Toto was attacked by a large owl in Fort Collins.¬† He escaped by running half a mile back to my evil fossil fuel powered SUV, which he hid under until I found him an hour later. … Continue reading

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