Climate Math

Last night, the UK was generating 530,000 KW of wind and solar power, two percent of their needs.

National Grid: Live Status

Tesla fast chargers use 150KW, so all of the solar/wind power in Britain being generated last night would be enough electricity to power 3,500 Tesla chargers – and nothing else.  Good thing the other 65 million people in Britain don’t need any electricity – for weeks at a time.

Britain Has Gone Nine Days Without Wind Power – Bloomberg

China has the problem under control though. They are building enough new coal fired power plants to match the entire coal capacity of the United States.

China coal power building boom sparks climate warning – BBC News

But US Democrats won’t be able to tackle this issue until they resolve the problem of Guam tipping over.

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11 Responses to Climate Math

  1. arn says:

    Now imagine UK goes full renewable
    and increases production 50* to 26.5 mio KW.

    They can power 175.000 Teslas.

    As a huge chunk of this energy would be used by government buildings&employees(&their cars),pumps and big industry
    what will remain for the population??
    I guess a big Truck will need far more energy than a Tesla to move many tons
    for hundreds of miles.

    Now try to feed a population when you have energy for just a thousand trucks
    to deliver food.

    That’s some underhanded plan for genozide by design.
    It is no coincidence that something very unusual through history of mankind(democide=killing off the own population by the government)
    became the biggest cause for nonnatural death since communism appeared.

    • R Shearer says:

      I think it is not so much a genocidal plan as it is a scheme to extract more money from the public. For the price of feeling good, the public pays twice as much or more for unreliable electricity. When in fact, these schemes do not reduce CO2 emissions much, if at all.

      • arn says:

        Now imagine that your green new deal
        will eventually result in a economical breakdown
        and a perpetual massive undersupply of energy
        and as result:
        eg you only have enough energy to deliver the needed food to just 40% of the population=
        this is a genocidal plan,
        be it on purpose or unintentional.
        (and no,i do not believe for a second that AOC has an intention to kill people but if you undermine and destroy the necessary infrastructure and supply you will get the apocalyptic results they blame AGW for)

        Considering the georgia guidestone with the aim of sub- 500 mio earth population and several remarkable comments for a massive reduction of population,
        be it from Prince Phillip,Jaques Costeau or Paul Ehrlich
        i’d say we are onthe right way.

  2. MrGrimnasty says:

    The UK press/green propaganda machine drives the headlines here.

    After nearly every bank holiday weekend (low demand) we get the xxx hours without coal, new record, rubbish. They always say/insinuate wind/solar has made the coal redundant.

    The maths shows on these occasions that ALL demand can be met without whatever contribution is coming from wind/solar, so if you wanted to produce propaganda to prove they were pointless, you could equally well say that.

    It’s gas (CCGT) that has largely replaced coal in the UK, and typically 6% of demand can be met from burning your USA forests in coal converted Drax too.

    Last winter was mild in the UK, there were still occasions when the remaining coal had to be ramped right up and the ‘last resort’ OCGT fired up too.

    My electricity rate has gone up almost 50% in under 3 years.

  3. Johansen says:

    530 MW is equivalent to one, medium size gas powered plant built on a couple hundred acres tucked out of site behind a hill, producing $.05 electricity 24 hours a day.

    There are probably 10,000 wind turbines in the U.K.
    The total installed **nameplate** capacity is supposedly 20 GW +/-
    That means the total power produced is 5 GW +/-
    That is equivalent to approximately one nuclear power plant.

    Every Uranium plant which is retired in the U.S. or Europe would need to be replaced by the **entire fleet** of U.K. wind turbines in order to be carbon-neutral

  4. GW Smith says:

    Yet Think Progress (What world do they live in?) comes out with this:

    “Britain sets record of 7 days without coal power as renewables surge ”


    • David of Aussie says:

      I think Wind and Solar in the UK totals around 13 percent at present. To suggest that renewables are surging is a joke. The reality is that the rate of new installations are declining.

      Like in the US coal has been replaced by gas because it is cheaper to extract and burn. Roughly 10 percent of UK electricity supply now comes from bio-mass ie. the burning of wood. How this is better than the burning of coal is beyond comprehension.

      Finally i would point out that the UK now relies on an inter-connector with Europe for around 10 percent of their electricity supply. Until every last coal fired power station in Europe has been demolished, it is a false claim to suggest that the UK is not in part running off coal generated power.

  5. Jason Calley says:

    I am concerned that with the continuing installation of these gigantic wind generators in Great Britain, the whole island will tip over and capsize.

    Speaking of capsize, anyone who thinks that current technology can allow Great Britain to operate as a first world nation while relying exclusively on renewable energy, probably has a cap size with about a four inch (10 cm) diameter.

  6. Robertvd says:

    Mark my words. The moment we are obliged by law to only drive electric you can only charge that vehicle with a special governmental credit card and that electricity will sky rocket.

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