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Reggie’s Blowtorch Runs Out Of Fossil Fuels

Bill Nye seems to have inherited Reggie’s blowtorch. He must have run out of propane, because crews in Flagstaff, Arizona are shoveling frantically to get ready for their summer tourism season – which starts on Saturday. Snow Report – Arizona … Continue reading

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Wilburrr ……

Maybe she should wear glasses?

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Latest From The British Press

My best friend from high school in England (50 years ago) just sent this over. The press imagines that England’s coasts will be underwater soon. This is what the East Sussex coast looked like 1,700 years ago when Romans built … Continue reading

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Man-Made Global Warming Is Real

Dear Teacher, The vast majority of scientists believe that humans have some impact on the climate. However, most of the claims of future catastrophe being made by politicians and the press, have no basis in science. The National Climate Assessment … Continue reading

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Latest Pictures From The Colorado Permanent Drought

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2,500% Of Normal

Truchas Peaks The Pecos River Basin in New Mexico, where I used to work as a wilderness ranger, has 2,480% of normal snowpack. https://wrcc.dri.edu/snotelanom/snotelbasin I’m expecting to see significant flooding in Colorado, if it ever warms up.

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Memorial Day Weekend Global Warming Devastation

New Mexico Arizona Montana Memorial Day weekend is considered the traditional start to summer, because it used to be hot – when CO2 was below 350 PPM. 31 May 1934, Page 1 – Star Tribune at Newspapers.com NASA didn’t like … Continue reading

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Polls Are Used To Manipulate People – Not Inform Them

Most opinion polls are every bit as credible as NASA temperature graphs. Election 2019: How the polls got it so wrong in predicting a Labor victory – Australia Votes – Federal Election 2019 – Politics – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting … Continue reading

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Bogus Arizona Temperature Record

NWS Phoenix on Twitter: “In Arizona, that record was set in Lake Havasu City

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Hot Days Are A Thing Of The Past

At the peak of the ice age scare during June 1974, Phoenix, Az had eighteen consecutive days over 110F. Nearby Buckeye, Az had twenty-one consecutive days. I played on the ASU soccer team that year, and we held practice at … Continue reading

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