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The Devastation Continues …..

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A Sad Day For Communists

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1780 Hurricane : 200 MPH Winds

The deadliest Atlantic hurricane occurred on October 14, 1780. It had 200+ MPH winds, stripped the bark off trees, and left no houses standing.

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Yesterday afternoon’s peak temperature of 37 degrees in Boulder was the third time in the past four years with April 29 temperatures below 40 degrees. Average temperature for the date is 65 degrees. Three of the seven coldest April 29ths … Continue reading

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Declining North Pole Summer Temperatures

Summer temperatures near the North Pole have been declining for 60 years, and have been consistently below normal since the year 2000. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut There are less than 70 days per year when temperatures … Continue reading

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Little Green Lies

Governments around the world are dropping, useless, expensive, environmentally destructive green energy. Around the World, Buyers’ Remorse Sets in for Costly Clean Power – Bloomberg Meanwhile, the press continues to push the same old lies …..

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“Global warming: the evidence”

In climate science, “evidence” is “computer predictions.”  Like when scientists predicted the end of snow in Australia 30 years ago and the demise of kangaroos. Sea-levels are expected to rise by between 0.5 and 1.5 metres Australia’s snowfields are likely … Continue reading

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US To Warm Faster Than The Rest Of The World

Twenty years ago, Tom Wigley predicted the US would warm 60-80% faster than the rest of the earth. 30 Jun 1999, 3 – The South Bend Tribune at The US has been cooling for a century. Spreadsheet But no … Continue reading

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UN 1954 : “The changes in climate that people think they experience are seldom real”

The changes in climate that people think they experience are seldom real. Extremes of heat or cold, of drought or rainfall, occur at intervals, many years apart. Because those of childhood seem most dramatic, they are longest remembered, and we … Continue reading

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Scientists Hoping To Inspire “Naked Fear” In Canada

Like most other places, scientists say that Canada is warming twice as fast as the rest of the Earth. ‘Findings Should Inspire Naked Fear’: Canada Warming at Twice the Global Rate

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