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A Serious Look At Climate Change

I normally focus on the comedic behavior of people like Michael Mann, Katharine Hayhoe, and AOC. But there is a serious side to climate change too.

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Thing Of The Past Update

Experts tell us that snow is a thing of the past, and we now live in an endless summer. Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past – Environment – The Independent With Warmer Weather, Different Decisions to Make … Continue reading

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Reflecting On The Broken Atmosphere

Scientific American says we broke the atmosphere, and we need to increase CO2 emissions to fix it. We Broke the Atmosphere; Here’s a Way We Can Start to Fix It – Scientific American Blog Network Looks pretty broken to me.

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Climate Barbie Horrified

I remember hearing some of this last year. It was horrifying then, it’s horrifying now, and it’ll be horrifying when it happens again — and it’ll happen again if we don’t take action now Catherine McKenna 🇨🇦 on Twitter: “Canada’s … Continue reading

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Rewriting The Past At The Ministry Of Truth

In 1989, NOAA said most global warming occurred before 1919. Analysis of warming since 1881 shows most of the increase in global temperature happened before 1919 – before the more re-cent sharp rise in the amount of carbon dioxide in … Continue reading

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She Thinks About Him A Lot Now

Hillary Clinton so far ahead in polls that she ‘doesn’t even think about’ Donald Trump anymore

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Climate Fraud Outpacing Honest Science By A Large Ratio

So far this year, US daily record minimums have been outpacing record maximums by a ratio of 1.6/1.  This is the third time in the last seven years which this has happened. The long term pattern is cyclical with a … Continue reading

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Scenes From The Big Thaw

Temperatures warmed up to a balmy 41 degrees this afternoon, and much of the snow melted. It was the coldest May 21 on record here, and probably the coldest day ever this late in the spring. Average temperature for the … Continue reading

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