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Global Warming Hits The Little Ones Hardest

Record cold in Boulder today. Local experts at NCAR and NOAA believe the atmosphere is overheated.

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Sophisticated Science

These two cartoons effectively capture the climate change consensus.

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1895-1896 : Two Hottest May 9ths In The US

Today will be one of the coldest May 9ths on record in the US.  The two hottest occurred in 1895 and 1896. Arizona had their record heatwave in 1896. Parker, Az had seven consecutive days over 120 degrees, a record … Continue reading

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Motivational Speaker At The University Of Colorado

The commencement ceremony will take place rain, snow or shine in Folsom Field, please dress accordingly.  Folsom Field will allow umbrellas in the stadium on May 9 for the Commencement Ceremony.  In the event of rain or snow, the ceremony may be … Continue reading

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The Heatwave Of May 1895

On this date in 1895, three quarters of the US was above 80F. Ninety degree temperatures were recorded in Minnesota, Maine and much of the Midwest. One hundred degree temperatures were reported in Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma, and Arizona was … Continue reading

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