Eighty Years Ago – 106 Degrees In Indiana

Michael Mann believes that a 100 degree reading in Alabama confirms his junk science, but on this date eighty years ago thirty-five states were over 90 degrees and seventeen were over 100F. Every Midwest state was over 100F, and schools were closed.

15 Sep 1939, 1 – The News-Palladium at Newspapers.com

September 15, 1927 was almost as hot. Most locations in Alabama were over 100 degrees.

Very hot September 15th’s used to be quite common, but the last one occurred in 1980.

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3 Responses to Eighty Years Ago – 106 Degrees In Indiana

  1. tommy says:

    Tony you could do the big “oil is running out” fraud. I think you havent made a big publication about it

  2. rah says:

    And when it gets hot here in Indiana humidity is almost always also high. But really it’s all relative. Lots of times when I was taking the SF wannabe trainees out on a run or rucksack in the dark at 05:30 in the morning at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio it was 80 deg. F with about 80% humidity. A little time in Texas will make one appreciate their weather in the Hoosier state.

  3. richard Merrill says:

    Are these maps available on line and where do we get the temp data for our area? Local TV is saying it has never been his hot in east Tennessee.

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