Hiding The Hottest Month Ever

In NASA’s 2001 version of global temperatures, March 1878 was the hottest month on record. They have since erased this data set from their web site, but I found the data on the web archive.


For the whole year, 1878 was the hottest year prior to 1980.

NASA used to show about 0.5C warming prior to the year 2000, but they erased the pre-1880 data, and altered the post-1880 data to create 1.2C warming prior to the year 2000. They more than doubled warming via data tampering.

Spreadsheet     Data

Let’s look at why NASA is hiding the pre-1880 data. January 1878 was one of the hottest months on record in Australia.

DUBBO, Monday.—The weather here is frightful. The thermometer for four days has been 110° in the shade. The magpies and other birds are so much affected by the heat that they are dropping off the trees ; others are leaving the bush and taking shelter in the houses of the settlers.

At Bourke, yesterday, the heat was 122° in the shade; the fowls are dropping dead in large numbers. There is no sign of rain, and no cattle are travelling.



02 Feb 1878 – YARRAWONGA. – Trove

The heat continued into February.

23 Feb 1878 – BRISBANE. – Trove


11 Jan 1878 – THE EXCESSIVE HEAT. – Trove

 Meanwhile, the US had no winter that year.

19 Mar 1878, Page 2 – Star Tribune at Newspapers.com

Experts believed that European cannons perturbed the flow of Arctic air.

03 Jan 1878, Page 1 – Star Tribune at Newspapers.com

Grasshoppers hatched in Vermont by early March.

06 Mar 1878, Page 3 – The Burlington Free Press at Newspapers.com

14 Mar 1878, Page 2 – The People’s Press at Newspapers.com

04 Mar 1878, 7 – Chicago Tribune at Newspapers.com

And the summer of 1878 brought record heat to the US.

14 Sep 1878 – Great Heat at St. Louis. – Trove

20 Dec 1878 – Deadly Heat. – Trove

18 Jul 1878, 3 – Richwood Gazette at Newspapers.com

This was part of a global drought and famine, which arose from natural variability.

Climatic conditions that caused the Great Drought and Global Famine arose from natural variability


NASA is pushing the idea that CO2 is the control knob, so they hide hot weather from the past – as does the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia. Deniliquin, NSW had their hottest day of 121F on January 12, 1878 – during a nine day stretch in which they averaged 111F.

Australia used to have a lot more hot weather than they do now, so BOM hides all data before 1910 in their Australian temperature graphs.

The people who went to the moon want NASA climate fraud stopped.  We can help them out by spreading awareness of what is happening – and getting the public to purge climate scamsters from government.

NASA Global Warming Stance Blasted By 49 Astronauts, Scientists Who Once Worked At Agency

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11 Responses to Hiding The Hottest Month Ever

  1. arn says:

    So the hottest year was during the global cooling scare:)

    Why am i not surprised.
    I guess the hot weather of 1980 may have been the reason why they switched
    from Ice Age to Global Warming,
    otherwise they would blame now co2 for global cooling
    (or air pollution,soot,acid rain etc)

    No matter what,it would be an apocalypse which can only be prevented by UN communism.

  2. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia says:

    Tony, here is a paper about the great global heatwave of that time.
    ‘Climate and the Global Famine of 1876–78’
    Deepti Singh et al
    “From 1875 to 1878, concurrent multiyear droughts in Asia, Brazil, and Africa, referred to as the Great Drought, caused widespread crop failures, catalyzing the so-called Global Famine, which had fatalities exceeding 50 million people and long-lasting societal consequences.”
    Jo Nova also has a post on the 1878 heat in Australia.

  3. Patrick says:

    There’s lots of evidence that this was caused by at least 3 “positive” (warm) ocean oscillations in the North Atlantic, Indian Ocean (Dipole), and El Nino in the Pacific. It stands to reason that an instantaneous 0.1C rise in overall average ocean surface temperature can cause an instantaneous 2C lower troposphere increase simply due to added water vapor. It’s unfortunate that ‘bleeding heart’ environmentalists simply won’t try to understand how far away humans are at actually changing the climate, but I’ve been trying to entice them to move away from those urban heat islands to a cooler climate (tic).

    Here’s the referenced article : https://blogs.ei.columbia.edu/2017/12/15/causes-great-famine-drought/

  4. John F. Hultquist says:

    That’s an amazing collection of articles. Thank yo.
    We did trail reconditioning on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) just north of Snoqualmie Pass (elevation, ~3,000 ft) on this past F/S/S. A few PCT-through hikers were coming up, with about 70 miles to go to Stevens Pass (~4,000 ft). From there to Canada is a long walk at still higher elevations.
    These hikers are a month late – should be in Canada by now.
    Stevens Pass got snow yesterday, Friday, Sept 27th.

  5. Archie says:

    The apparent fraud is breathtaking. I used “apparent” because I still can’t wrap my head around the bold and outright lying that’s going on. This might be why the fraudsters are so successful so far, most people are generally trusting.

  6. Archie says:

    Question regarding the two GISS 2001 NASA maps. Aren’t these really the same map but in the blue map the + anomalies have been added to the – anomalies in each year?

  7. Ulric Lyons says:

    Looking at how similar the UK weather of Dec 1876 and Jan 1877 was to Jan-Feb 2014, it is very likely that there was a big warm blob in the Northeast Pacific too. It was marginally wetter than 2014 for England and Wales.


  8. Sven says:

    Hi Tony,

    Amazing work that you are doing and I would really love to share it on my Facebook page. But there are a few issues with just linking to your posts.

    1) Your posts is quite long for the average FB scroller.
    2) For people with no insight in these issues, it can be a bit overwelming to read and understand everything,
    3) People often tend to attack the sources that link to instead of reading the content.

    I have also gotten better response when I write something myself instead of just linking to some site.

    Therefor I wonder if Is it ok with you if I use your graphs and pictures and do a shorter version of your posts translated to swedish?

    Kind regards

  9. Paulo Hartgers says:

    Dear Tony Heller, I admire your work, it’s awesome, stunning and convincing, at least for those who prefer logic above fearmongering.
    I have a brief remark that might shun light upon the topic of 1878
    When learning the 1876-1878 disasters you mention, I decided to have a look at the planet positions in our solar system march 1878.
    You might want to do so yourself, to find out that all heavenly bodies (exept Uranus) at that epoch were located in the very same quadrant, excercing a heavy gravitational pull on our planet Earth, bringing her closer to the sun.
    What is your opinion?
    Thanx, Howdy and Namasté!

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