New Video : A Tale Of Consensus And Political Correctness

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8 Responses to New Video : A Tale Of Consensus And Political Correctness

  1. Lance says:

    While working for Environment Canada in the late 70’s…I recall the term global cooling…before ANYTHING became political. Also remember the news talking about Hansen’s speech before Congress, and my sister asking me about that….I simply pointed to the Sun….but that is not politically acceptable anymore.

    meanwhile, we have had a whole pile of Glo-bull warming here in southern alberta….21 cm on the ground now, and i’m not even close to the major snow’d in areas!!!

  2. Robertv says:

    Bringing in the kids to fight the war is a sign of last resistance. They are at the end of the rope. Hitler used them when everything was lost Mao used them when the great leap forward imploded. These brainwashed kids fought his Cultural Revolution to save the day and re-consolidate his power.

    Never think the 10 : 10 video was a mistake. It shows exactly what they are capable of without any emotional restraint. These people have no emotions and therefore cannot love.

    It’s them who do not care about the planet (and children).

  3. Rah says:

    Like. I’ve said before, it’s enough to make this truck driver wish the AMO would hurry up and take a deep dive.

  4. Bill Sumner says:

    BBC just showed a picture of Vietnam rice paddy fields pretending it was global warming causing sea level rise.

    • Robertv says:

      The Catalan television (TV3) showed the regression of the beach by 40 meters in L’Estartit (Costa Brava) between 1947 and now because of sea level rise. They forgot to show the same beach just 500 meters further to the north where it is now 100 meters wider.
      A lot has changed since 1947. The nonexistent harbour of 1947 is now so big that it changed the current. Artificial Reservoirs up the river Ter have altered the amount of sand reaching the sea. The construction of a wall where the big waves hit with all their force.

      Don’t expect any truth out of the mouth of a climate alarmist.

  5. Mark J says:

    I’d like to pay special tribute to the BBC for their balanced coverage of climate change.
    The unlimited air time that they give to renowned climate scientists such as Prince Harry, Emma Thompson and Greta Thunberg has really helped me in my understanding of this complex issue.
    Thankfully they haven’t given a second of air time to ignoramuses such as Tony Heller, patrick Moore, Robert Lindzen and Judith Curry.

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