James Hansen : Bernie Is Killing People In India

“It’s time for Bernie Sanders to retire,” Hansen responded in an email. “He truly doesn’t get it. India and China have no prayer of phasing out coal without the help of nuclear power.  Not only is he killing people in India, he is screwing my grandchildren,” Hansen wrote.

Top Climate Scientist to Bernie Sanders: You’re Killing People in India

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14 Responses to James Hansen : Bernie Is Killing People In India

  1. Noel Herron says:

    Told ya ! they would start denouncing and attacking each other. They can’t agree because their agendas all have different ranges of extremism ,with no factual foundation. Also a typical Hansen statement that thousands are dying daily of population in Indian . There are approximately 26 thousand recorded daily deaths in India for thousands of separate reasons , very few have established causes, no specifics just headline grabbing . There are many areas in India that do not record deaths of certain castes , in some very remote area the records are sketchy a best. Hansen and his ilke don’t care about the Indian or the Chinese people, they only care about their own power and influence. The left is always about power.

  2. Crispin in Waterloo says:

    Good grief, Hansen is as unaware of the mathematical spaghetti behind the WHO alarmism about air quality.

    At the very least,

    “Thousands of people, PER DAY, are dying from the pollution…” should read:

    “The WHO has calculated that environmental pollution in India has been attributed, by a series of models (6 in all) to have contributed in the past, to the premature deaths of thousands of people. It is assumed that this attribution to the shortening of lives will, broadly, continue to be made by those giving health policy advice at the international level.”

    The number of people “killed by air pollution” in India is unknown as it is not part of the modeled attribution process.

  3. rah says:

    Bernie is about done I think. His age is showing and he has run out of ideas of what more “free” stuff he can promise people and is still falling behind in the polls. His passionate yelling has lost it’s appeal for many of those that once supported him.

    If I had to bet now, my money would be on Fauxahontis to become the Socialist democrat nominee. Doesn’t really matter though. All of them are so pathetic that their press allies can’t cover it up. So every few days their press has to make up some new lie about the bad orange man because detailed coverage of the democrat field is only damaging to their cause.

    On Thursday Rush said he wouldn’t be surprised if Trump took 40 states. I think he’s right.

  4. griff says:

    funny how Indian coal plant pollution kills people, but all US coal is ‘clean coal’…

    anyway, nobody is going to build any nuclear power in th eUSA and the USA isn’t going to influence what China and India do on nuclear (china has certainly got a number of nuke plants building/recently on stream)

    but of course both China and India are building massive amounts of solar and wind…

    • spike55 says:

      You are a LIAR, grifool. !!

      China is building around 1000 new coal fired power stations at home and abroad. With an increase of some 40% in life-giving CO2.

      They are slowing the building of solar and wind because they realise it is ineffective at helping the progress of the country

    • Gator says:

      Coal plants save far more lives than they take, Ms Griff.

      Why do you hate poor brown people?

    • Disillusioned says:

      grifftard said, “funny how Indian coal plant pollution kills people, but all US coal is ‘clean coal’…

      Esplain how that is funny, Lucy. Do you think the U.S. EPA mandated scrubbers are fiction?!?

    • Taphonomic says:

      Drive by bimbo Griff strikes again with complete bs that Griff will never be back to defend.

      India hasn’t installed pollution controls on its coal plants.

      China has more coal plants on stream than nuclear.

      China is selling coal plant technology around the world.

      China is the biggest polluter and emitter of CO2.

      India and China are both increasing their CO2 emissions while the USA has been cutting emissions.

    • rah says:

      Yea Griff. We’re walking around in masks here all the time.

  5. Brian Campbell says:

    Nuclear CAN BE Cheaper the METHANE and COAL BERNieing https://www.open-100.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A998uWPPtX4

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