New Video : “World’s Worst Scientist?”

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5 Responses to New Video : “World’s Worst Scientist?”

  1. GW Smith says:

    Another great one, Tony! Keep it up! Mann and Hansen have lost all credibility and simply bank on people’s ignorance. They must hate you for blowing their scam.

  2. JPinBalt says:

    Do not humor him as “scientist,” even abet as worst. Mann should lose his academic position for his fudging tree ring data for the hockey stick. He is a fraud and charleton, a big mouth leach getting rich off CO2 speaches and fake global warming scare. Glad he lost the Canadian court case by his refusal to release his faked data.

  3. Stuart Lynne says:

    Mann is possibly not up to date on much as he appears to spend all his time tweeting. Can’t have much time left to read papers or do much research of his own.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    Yes, the EPA’s anti-science CO2 Endangerment Finding is a huge threat to all of us. Reliance on broken computer models – that have proven themselves unreliable and unable to predict anything at all based on CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere – are the antithesis of science. It is anti-science. The EPA should be disbanded for this malfeasance.

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