Only Russian Trolls And Racists Disagree With Mann’s Junk Science

Michael Mann is the favorite climate scientist of Democrats.  He is an expert witness at almost all of their hearings.

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11 Responses to Only Russian Trolls And Racists Disagree With Mann’s Junk Science

  1. spike55 says:

    Mickey Mann is a LOATHSOME COWARD and a total scientific CRETIN.

    And those are his best feature.

  2. KevinPaul says:

    The Democrats must pay well…..They want to throw Trillions of $ at climate change, Mann will no doubt be first in line for his next share.

  3. Anon says:

    Hi Tony (or anyone else),

    I found this very interesting, which gives a reason for Progressives blaming
    Russia for everything:

    The Rise and Fall of the Liberal International Order

    The so-called rules-based international order is under serious threat. But it is a mistake to blame Donald Trump. In fact, that order was bound to fail, because the key policies on which it rested are deeply flawed.

    John Mearsheimer is professor of political science at the University of Chicago and author of The Great Delusion: Liberal Dreams and International Realities(Yale University Press, 2019).

    Worth the full hour IMHO, if you want a bigger picture of what is happening in
    the world these days (as well as the progressive’s obsession with Russia.)

    • David A says:

      Anon, it is interesting that Russia will not play their one world GOVERNMENT games.

      Such hubris can only end in a tragic failure of violence.

  4. Gator says:

    Ever since he lost to Dr Ball, Mann has turned the temper tantrum up to eleven.

  5. Tel says:

    Does Mann have any specific examples of Russian trolls who comment in his threads? Does he have examples of corporate sponsored comments?

    Oh I just remembered … Michael Mann never shows his evidence … he expects us to never doubt anything he says.

  6. Mac says:

    If there were any doubts that leftism is a mental illness, those doubts should now be erased. The people who are the obsessive-compulsive neurotic sickos now claim that anyone who isn’t sick like them is sick. Basically, now, fighting back against leftist lies, threats, defamation, and violent hostility on the internet makes one a “troll”. And, of course, Slate is a totally legitimate source for actual news.

    In the last few months I’ve learned from the Climate Change Gestapo that eating meat is going to destroy a 5 billion year-old planet, and that my refusal to believe that 0.04% CO2 in the atmosphere influences the climate is racist.

  7. John says:

    Russian trolls and racists.
    Wasn’t that phrase copyrighted by the DNC/Clintons?
    I hope they get a royalty for every time it is used so they can pay their legal bills when Justice comes calling.
    Mann is a fool and just to prove it he blocked Heller.
    Were he well grounded in facts and science he would welcome every type of question from all walks of life.
    Instead he hides behind wild and unsubstantiated accusations and adventures in disingenuousness.

  8. rah says:

    Looks like it’s time to pull out the old ‘The Russians are Coming’ post again Tony.

  9. richard merrill says:

    Mann is the most despicable scientist since the guy who invented Piltdown man.

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