Plummeting Temperatures At Owosso, Michigan

Prior to 1955, Owosso, Michigan averaged about seventeen days per year over 90F (32C.) Now they average less than five days over 90 degrees.

Peak temperatures at Owosso are declining at a rate of about five degrees per century.

Summer daily maximum temperatures at Owosso are declining at a rate of 3.3 degrees per century.

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5 Responses to Plummeting Temperatures At Owosso, Michigan

  1. Archie says:

    I love these temperature presentations. Can you add anything about average temperatures though? I see that the extremes are decreasing/narrowing.

  2. xenomoly.bloom says:

    Why though? What could cause this? Is it just natural fluctuation? Oscillation between extremes? Or something more? it seems the difference between lows and highs is decreasing. In the grand scheme of things — is it possible the increase in CO2 is just causing the system to become less different between high and low temperatures?

  3. John Hall says:

    Whatever the c02 count, the main players over the last thousand years or so are the medieval Warming and the Maunder Minimum. Within those events are micro up and down trends, eg Dalton minimum and early 20th century warming, following the Dalton. Within the Macro swings, MW and MM are the macro in this case and Dalton and early 20th century the micro. So there are no Absolute swings of warming and cooling, just periods of process greater or smaller.
    Wheels within wheels so to speak of all the known influences, largely but not exclusively driven by the sun. If we go up the Macro scale one division, we will find the 100K glacial intensification and our 20k interglacial warming. The macro tells us that the interglacial warming is at an end, and the process of cooling is already underway.

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