Stories From The Safe, Low CO2 Climate Of 1900

Hell on earth at the low CO2 levels which Alexandria Cortez fantasies about.

30 Sep 1900, Page 41 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch at

15 Sep 1900 – THE AMERICAN HURRICANE – Trove

12 Sep 1900, Page 1 – The Brooklyn Daily Eagle at

21 Sep 1900, 10 – Birmingham Daily Post at

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4 Responses to Stories From The Safe, Low CO2 Climate Of 1900

  1. Robertv says:

    Temperatures going up because of warm air flowing into europe from Africa is climate change but temperatures going down because of cold air from the north is just weather.

  2. billtoo says:

    yeah but were those casualties calibrated to the time of day they were observed?

  3. I was delighted… up to the part about looters pillaging and scavenging the town. If today’s congressional politicians read that part they’ll surely pass a law mandating more hurricanes. Only six years after the Galveston storm, “Looters Will Be Shot” signs were posted in San Francisco in the wake of the CO2-induced earthquake, leading to today’s agitation against the Second Amendment.

  4. fhsiv says:

    Some pretty grim statistics from 1900.
    Perspective of history is always valuable.

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