The 1930 Heatwave In Virginia

During September 1930, Purcellville, Virginia had twenty-two days over 90 degrees, three days over 100 degrees, and averaged 94 degrees from September 1 to September 27.

This came shortly after the all-time record heatwave of August, 1930 when they had eight days in a row over 100 degrees.

05 Aug 1930, 1 – The News Leader at

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4 Responses to The 1930 Heatwave In Virginia

  1. Norilsk says:

    Yes! I too have been blocked from Michael E Mann’s Twitter page. All I tweeted was, “Are you suffering from failed hockey stick graph syndrome? I’ve heard a lot of people are getting blocked by you.”

  2. establ says:

    Off topic post.

    Check out this propaganda from Griff’s Guardian. The comments are priceless.

    Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot make short film on the climate crisis

  3. feathers says:

    Thanks Tony! Purcellville is in my backyard so I know the region well. What’s also remarkable is how Purcellville cannot achieve those same high temps in August/September despite being in the fastest growing county in America (Loudoun) and is rapidly being consumed as part of Metro DC’s urban heat island.

    Climate alarmism is dependent on a lack of basic knowledge of our weather history. Tony exposes this daily.

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