The Brazilian Drought Of 1877-1879

This is what NASA is hiding.

The Great Drought , or drought in northeastern Brazil from 1877-79 , was the most devastating drought phenomenon of the history of Brazil , occurred in the Brazilian imperial period . [ 1 ] The calamity is responsible for the deaths of between 400,000 and 500,000 people. [ 2 [ 3 ] Of a total of 800,000 people living in the affected area of the Northeast , around 120,000 migrated to the Amazon while 68,000 migrated to other parts of Brazil. [ 2 ]The most affected region was the province of Ceará. Three years in a row without rain, without harvest, without planting, with loss of herds and with the escape of families, leaving uninhabited the interior. Both this drought event, as well as before and after, are associated with the El Niño phenomenon and its direct interference with the climate of this and other regions.

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3 Responses to The Brazilian Drought Of 1877-1879

  1. J. Mart says:

    Another devastating drought in Brazil was 1915. Brazilian writer Rachel the Queiroz described it in her book “O Quinze” (Portuguese “quinze” = English “fifteen”).

  2. arn says:

    Well,at least those people on the photo were lucky that noone stole
    their childhood with a million dollar yacht and travelling all around the world.

  3. Ed Bo says:

    Don’t forget the Great Indian Famine of 1876-1878 caused by intense drought. It is obvious that we must return to the conditions of that time before the warming started.

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