1921 : Earth Had A Fever

On this date in 1921, the New York Times reported that Earth had a fever.

TimesMachine: October 3, 1921 – NYTimes.com

21 Sep 1921, 3 – News-Journal at Newspapers.com

Pueblo, Colorado was largely wiped out by a flood during June, 1921.  Much of Kansas suffered damage, and there was flooding on the Pecos River in New Mexico and Texas.

06 Jun 1921, 1 – The Arkansas City Daily News at Newspapers.com

It is estimated that 1,500 people in Pueblo, Colorado died during that flood.

Microsoft Word – Document1

The average maximum temperature in the US during 1921 was second highest on record after 1934.

It wasn’t due so much to extreme heat like the 1930’s, but more to persistent heat.

It was the hottest year on record in Texas.

Reality doesn’t suit the political agenda of NOAA, so they have completely erased the past heat in Texas and turned sharp cooling into sharp warming.

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Texas also had their longest heatwave at Encinal in 1921, 157 consecutive days above 90F from May 8 to October 11, 1921.

Beaufort, South Carolina was over 90 degrees every day during September, 1921 – the South Carolina record.

Glennville, Georgia had 29 days over 90 degrees during September, 1921 – the Georgia record for September.

Lumberton, North Carolina’s had 27 days over 90 degrees during September 1921, the North Carolina record for September

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2 Responses to 1921 : Earth Had A Fever

  1. arn says:

    But thanks god(or Dr Gregory)the fever ended just a few months later

    Chicago tribune aug.9th,1923

    “SCIENTIST SAYS arctic ice will wipe out Canada.
    Prof. Gregory of Yale university stated that another world ice epoch is due.
    He was the american representative to the Pan Pacific science congress and North America would disappear as far south as the great lakes and huge parts of Asia and Europe would be wiped out”

  2. Weylan McAnally says:

    In the slightly modified words of Christopher Walken on Saturday Night Live – “The Earth has got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.”

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