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Jurassic Extinction Rebellion

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Arizona Global Warming Update

NWS Flagstaff on Twitter: Webcams – Arizona Snowbowl Golfing at Scottsdale on February 22, 2019.

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New Video : The Low CO2 Climate Of 1921

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New Video : The Real Lesson Of Thanksgiving

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New Video : Who Is Paying Amazon Arsonists?

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Give Global Warming A Chance

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NOAA Blocks Access To Their Temperature Data

Perhaps NOAA is tired of people being able to access untampered temperature data, and have blocked access to their public ftp site. They want a private connection to a public (pub) web page. Hopefully this is a temporary situation.

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More Spectacular Climate Fraud From Climate Central

Climate Central says North American snow cover is on the decline, and it is due in part to winter precipitation falling as rain rather than snow. They say their data comes from Rutgers University. Snow Cover on the Decline in … Continue reading

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Leo DiCaprio And WWF Paid For The Amazon Fires

Leonardo DiCaprio and WWF sent large amounts of money to organizations which earned their living by starting fires and then selling pictures of the fires. Google Translate

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New Video : NASA Recycling 60 Year Old Climate Superstition

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