1924 : Fifty Foot Storm Surge In France

12 Jan 1924, 14 – The Guardian at Newspapers.com

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  1. toorightmate says:

    This storm was caused by the yet=to=be born Donald Trump – Nancy, AOC and Elizabeth said so.

  2. A Green says:

    The Adelaide Register. Friday 11th January 1924

    SUNK. ‘
    PARIS. January 9.
    The Atlantic coast is in -the grip of a
    gale, accompanied by an exceptionally high
    tide, practically amounting to a tidal wave.
    The coast between Brest and Biarritz is
    strewn with wreckage. Quays have been
    demolished, houses flooded, and fishing
    boats sunk,- and fishermen are missing.
    A rush of- water at La Rochelle, on the
    Bay of- Biscay, was accompanied by a
    slight earthquake. The contents of houses
    were washed away, and considerable dam
    age was done.— Reuter.- _
    Great storms are raging in the Bay Of
    Biscay, and much damage has resulted to
    shipping’ in French ports and rivers, where
    the local fishermen describe the storm as
    the worst within living memory- Rain
    has been falling for a day in Paris, where
    it is feared -that the floods will now resume their destructive course.”

    The tony resort and racetrack at Anglet was washed away.

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