Hiding The Decline In Forest Fires

The US Forest Service used to have this graph on their web site, showing the sharp decline in US forest fires.

Indicator 3.16: Area and percent of forest affected by abiotic agents

They removed the page linking to in the year 2015, right before the Paris Treaty.

Document Not Found – US Forest Service Research & Development

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13 Responses to Hiding The Decline In Forest Fires

  1. Matthew says:

    Yep. In an age of screenshots and archives, lets hide stuff, ’cause no one will ever notice…

  2. rwbenson says:

    I went to the US Forest Service Web site and I could not find any statistics on Wildfires. I did several searches and I did not come up with anything. I searched the Archive and found nothing (However, it was murky enough that there may be something there and I could not find it – I only have a BSME from Iowa State and an MBA from Harvard so I may not know how to search for data).

    There was a lot of information on “Climate Change” and how to combat it.

    I left a message asking for data.

    When I did a Google search of the Web I found the following Statistics:
    “Insurance Information Institute” – a chart that started in 1980 (a convenient low point for Wildfires).
    National Interagency Fire Center (https://www.nifc.gov/fireInfo/fireInfo_stats_totalFires.html – a table that started in 1926 (this supports the chart that the Forest Service has hidden. I downloaded the table and converted it into a chart.

    I sometimes feel like I am at the Mad Hatters tea party. It does not seem possible to me that anyone would be so biased in data presentation, but I am starting to hit on 100% bias as I dig into the data sources used to support Climate Change discussions (or the disappearance or alteration of data that does on fit the CO2 hypothesis.

  3. Disillusioned says:

    No accident. The propagandist bastards knew exactly what they were doing.

  4. anothermaninthemirror says:

    Tony, many thanks once again. As I have said before you are obviously getting traction with your analyses and causing these agencies so much grief that they have to stoop so low and have to go so far as to remove, alter and obfuscate their own information which they themselves have posted on their own web pages!

    These articles on your web site will be a reference archive and historical record of these nefarious occurrences. The “Swamp” is just so, so deep. Keep up the good work. The truth will shine through in the end and expose these people. How and when – who knows? But without the likes of you and others who are exposing these myths, the truth would not even see the light of day.

    • Disillusioned says:

      “….have to go so far as to remove, alter and obfuscate their own information which they themselves have posted on their own web pages!”

      Ayup! The Wayback Machine and Tony Heller are both devastating to Climate Change ™ propagandists.

  5. rwbenson says:

    Tony, In my earlier post, I forgot to add my thanks to you for finding this information. You are performing a vital service to the World. I am a big fan.

  6. AlJones1816 says:

    I don’t believe this graph is reflecting climatic factors in forest fires, I think it’s entirely reflecting better forest/wildlands management that has helped prevent and control fires. There does actually seem to be an upward trend in the past four decades, though. Not sure how to interpret that.

    • Gator says:

      Not sure how to interpret that.

      Cyclical. Fuel build up.

    • Terry Shipman says:

      An upward trend possibly because California decided to go “natural” and stop using proven forest management techniques? Just like they wouldn’t allow power companies to clear brush from their lines?

      • Jeff L. says:

        The compounded effects of power companies not being allowed to clear brush in California, were the traumatic fires in 2017, and PG&E declaring bankruptcy because of the subsequent lawsuits. The latest effects were the bay area blackouts last week. PG&E (operating under the Chapter 11 restructuring plan) shut down the transmission lines in order to avoid liability for any future fires. Now they are facing liability claims for the deaths caused by the power blackout. Where will this cycle end?

  7. Denis Rancourt says:

    My this critical review article will be of interest:

    Anatomy of the false link between forest fires and anthropogenic CO2
    May 2016
    DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.2059.6087
    D. G. Rancourt


  8. AlJones1816 says:

    It seems like we all pretty much agree that the large peak in wildfire acres burned in the early 20th century is non-climate related, at least.

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