Scientists Knew!

By 1951, scientists knew that there was a Medieval Warm Period, and that climate change was caused by fluctuations in solar radiation.

TimesMachine: July 22, 1951 –

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3 Responses to Scientists Knew!

  1. G W Smith says:

    You’re rocking the boat, Tony. No one is supposed to see these things anymore.
    Keep it up!

  2. Jim Gollagher says:

    Hi Tony , are you aware of a couple of scientists in Ireland Michael and Ronan Connolly.
    They done a comprehensive study of temperature data from weather balloons to dispel the greenhouse/ CO2 theory . I found it very convincing , if you agree perhaps their efforts could be the basis of a future video .

  3. Lawrence kathan says:

    Must read report by Dr Don Easterbrook, scientist, very qualified on different aspects of climate change records going way back in time.

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