White Privilege

Record cold, no wind and no solar energy. The Green New Deal.

This is my solar panel this morning.

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  1. DCA says:

    Your white privilege is definitely showing!

  2. Fred Harwood says:

    What heat source melts the snow top, center? Hope it’s not the ill-fated connection.

  3. Steve Geigle says:

    Tony, check out https://www.oliveoiltimes.com/brief/july-may-have-been-hottest-month-on-record. I’m sure the stats are based on bogus science.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      “based on bogus science” No no no. The Olive Oil Times is presenting totally legitimate science. The record cold and snow we’ve been experiencing all over the US and world is a byproduct of that record heat. That makes perfect sense.

  4. Anon says:

    That is a classic sign of Global Warming. It is happening! As the Earth warms, snow, frigid temperatures and cold weather will be the new norm. 97% of all scientists agree that as the Earth heats up it will get colder and we don’t have much time to reverse this!

    *If anyone wants to test this, put an uncovered steak in the freezer and check it in one month. It will be burned! Bill Nye will demo this next week!!!

    • Eric Simpson says:

      Yup. As we know from the most basic physics: heat causes cold. You can see that when you boil water, with the little ice chunks forming among between the boiling bubbles. And yeah, if you want to keep a steak cold over the long term don’t put in the freezer, put it where it’s hot! We’ve experienced nearly a century of out of control hockey stick warming, the earth is near its boiling point, so of course we are going to suffer terrible periods of bitter record cold. /

      “The kind of extreme cold being experienced by much of the United States as we speak is a pattern we can expect to see with increasing frequency as global warming continues.” -John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar, 2014

  5. Tel says:

    What? You mean you don’t crawl on your knees cleaning your solar cell every morning?

    Bourgeois pig dog unbeliever!! The revolution has no place for comfort loving slackers.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    The wind farm operators will have to bring out the helicopters and hot water systems to de-ice their turbine blades.

    Amazing how a bit of weather can completely disable such systems.

  7. steve case says:

    Inch or two of new snow this morning here just north of Milwaukee.

  8. Peter says:

    Now your dilemma is: do you remove the snow or not?
    Will you leave your white fluffy insulation on your roof or will you sacrifice your insulation for the possibility to have intermittent electricity to run your heating system?

  9. rah says:

    Snow in central Indiana and Ohio on the last day of October?
    They abused this truck driver this week.

    Called out to take a Nestles load going from the Nestles facility in Anderson, IN to another Nestles facility. Usually we deliver these loads to the Nestles Facility in Breinigsville, PA. That facility was full to capacity so my trip ticket said to deliver to the Nestles facility in Piscataway, NJ the address being 120 Circle Dr. So at 07:00 Tuesday I departed with a delivery scheduled for 07:00 Thursday. When I awoke early Thursday morning to drive the remaining miles to deliver I found they had changed the address. Message simply said: “Delivery address #5 Access Rd.”. No name for the facility. I found the address after poking around in the dark for a facility that had no truck entrance signs and it was at a facility called Halls Wearhouse. When I went in there was confusion. Seems this was the first Nestles load that facility had handled and the receiving clerk was kind of freaking out because he wasn’t informed such a load was coming. Finally they got it straightened out and unloaded the 41,000 lb. of ‘Boost’ adult supplement beverage I had brought.

    Next stop a broker load picking up at a Port in New Castle, DE. So down through the arm pit of trucking I drove on I-95 to the mud hole they call a port. Given the address of 513 Golding Ave. Arrived and was the 14th truck in line. Got out in the rain and walked up to the receiving office to find out I had been sent to the right company but to the wrong address! I was to be loaded at 618 Lambson Ln. Thankfully there was a way for me to get out of line and turn around to get out of the place. If I had been the 10th truck in line that would not have been possible and I would have sat their for who knows how long before I could get out of that place.

    Correct shipping address was just a couple miles away. Got there and they had me back into an inclined dock and have the trailer tandems slid all the way to the rear. When they tell you to slide the tandems all the way to the rear for loading it usually means it’s a heavy load. Turned out to be 19 pallets of bagged flour grossing 44,200 lb. That’s just 500 lb. under the limit for the rig and a load that is heavier than the rig when empty.

    The guy loading me knew what he was doing and distributed the weight just right. Once I pulled out of the door onto level ground I slid the trailer tandems forward to a position where the air gauge that tells me the pressure on the air bags of the tractor tandems was right at the reading I knew from previous experience should be very close to the 34,000 lb legal limit. The bulge in the sidewalls of the trailer tires told me I was about right on the 34,000 lb legal limit on the trailer tandems. I was happy I only had half fuel onboard since in such situations every pound counts.

    My destination was a food service place off of US 20 in Auburn, NY a little SSW of Syracuse. Before departing I checked the GPS to see if there were any permanent weigh stations along my route. There was only one in NY but I knew it was almost always closed. However there were a couple of rest areas in PA where they set up temporary weigh stations sometimes. I called the receiving company and they told me that they had overnight parking so I decided to roll the dice and not weigh the rig because time was very tight for me to make it to that facility with the driving time I had remaining and if I didn’t there was no way I could make it home the next day.

    My real problem was that the only route that would get me to my destination before I ran out of time would take me west on US 20 from I-81 to the facility in Auburn. I know that road and there are a couple of hills with mile long inclines with steep grades. On one despite hard and fast punch braking and maxing out the RPMS with the Jake brake I was smelling my hot brakes. But I kept them cool enough to avoid brake fade and made it to the facility with 6 minutes of driving time out of maximum allowable remaining.

    Getting there the night before my morning delivery allowed me to get unloaded before starting my duty clock. After getting unloaded I departed with an empty trailer for Tonawanda, NY where I was scheduled to be the “over flow” truck at Unifrax Corp. We have two trucks every weekday that go into that facility to pick up high temperature insulation used in vehicles bound for various TENNECO plants all over the US and Mexico. The first truck is the primary the second the “overflow” which takes what could not fit on the first. I arrived for my 13:00 appointment time at 12:45. The primary truck which should have been there at 11:00 had not yet arrived. It was raining pretty hard and I knew I was going to run into the powerful cold front with high wind warnings when I headed west to get home so I told them that if they wanted they could load me up as the primary and to put as much weight as they could in the trailer. They did so but I wasn’t loaded and ready to depart until 14:40. The driver of the primary that was late was going to pay for his tardiness with a nearly empty trailer in winds gusting to 55 mph or more. I was thankful for the 19,000 lb. I had in my trailer.

    I fought hard rain all the way to Cleveland and beat my way through their evening rush and construction then the rain stopped. When I got off of I-71 south onto US 30 west at Mansfield, OH I ran into the wrap around moisture of the cold front and it was wind driven snow! Pretty damned heavy in a few places though not really sticking because outside temp was just at freezing and the roads and ground are still so warm they inhibit accumulation. But it was heavy enough I had my defrosters are near max and slush accumulating on portions of the windshield outside of the wiper blade sweep.

    On and off snow and gusty winds continued most of the way back to the terminal in
    Anderson, IN. I arrived with 26 minutes left on my 14 hour duty day and 14 minutes remaining of my maximum allowable drive time. And now, if you have managed to make it through this litany you probably know a little more about trucking.

  10. Ian says:

    Do you think if and when we get a undeniable set of data and real world weather showing the world is in a cold spell these Extinction Rebbelionists and Greta T would call for us all to warm the world up by burning more fires, wood, coal and fossil fuels?

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