A Country Built By Floods

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  1. Eric Simpson says:

    “In 1913 much of the US was destroyed by hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes.. On July 3rd it was 102° in Chicago, and dozens died in the heat.

    Yup, and as you say, the hottest day ever recorded on the planet was in 1913, 107 years ago. And if you look at the data you see a nearly continuous drop over the last century in both deaths and property damage from weather events. It seems to me that there has been “climate change” in the last 100 years, but it’s change for the better! WAY better.
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  2. Barry Sheridan says:

    What stands out today is that no matter what is happening with the weather it is explained solely in terms of climate change. Here in southern England the day to day weather has been very wet over the last few weeks, this is not that unusual, sometimes we get a dry Autumn, other years deliver rain and more rain, looking back over forty odd years of living here I can see little apparent change in this pattern to justify the manic headlines we are exposed to all the time.

  3. Haymaker says:

    NOAA just released national Novermber climate data. It wasn’t a cold month in U.S. according to NOAA and a very “warm” month in Colorado. Up 1.9 degrees above the 135 year average. Hmmmmmm. Someone needs to crosscheck NOAA and expose the fraud.

    • Archie says:

      Where I live in CO, October was generally a very cold month, for October, whereas November was warmer. But that’s just my subjective experience. NOAA never gets our forecasted temperatures even close to right though.

  4. OldCynic says:

    Tony, One suggestion if I may make so bold. Get yourself a new pointer for highlighting features on maps and photos. The one you have is too small and too dim for old, visually-challenged viewers like me. I spend too much time trying to locate and follow the bouncing ball and not enough time listening to you. Thanks

  5. Archie says:

    As far a flood severity, I don’t think anyone can contest that man has made things much worse by interrupting the natural floodplains with dams and levies. I remember the “1000 year,” “historic” flood in Boulder several years ago. What no one was talking about was how the same scale flood had occured in the late 19th century and that Boulder is built on top of Boulder Creek. Great idea building a town on top of a creek fed by the Rocky Mountains!

    Warmists can’t ban fossil fuels based on the above, so they just make other sh*t up.

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