New Video : Everything Looks Like A Nail ….

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3 Responses to New Video : Everything Looks Like A Nail ….

  1. HayMaker says:

    The windmills will come in handy to save our pets.

    “Emma Thompson foresees people eating pets for ‘protein’ due to ‘climate crisis'”

    Falcon is on the menu.

  2. JST1 says:

    Well reasoned.
    Excellent images as well.
    I attended a “hawk talk” on the east coast years ago. It was suggested suggested that vultures were not birds of prey and were more closely related to storks than hawks and eagles. Of course this doesn’t make their loss any more acceptable.

  3. Archie says:

    There is tremendous academic competition so there are many stupid “theories” being put forward since it’s, “Publish or perish.”. It took me seconds to see the fallacy in this one. Tony is right that a miniscule rise in average temperature isn’t going to change body size in general. If this were the case, we’d breed livestock in refrigerated enclosures to increase size. Hey, wait a minute, maybe I’ll make up a research proposal to test this? LOL!

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