Santa Claus – The First Climate Refugee

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8 Responses to Santa Claus – The First Climate Refugee

  1. KevinPaul says:

    If you believe CO2 drives the climate, and man is steering, it’s logical to believe that Santa is a real person who lives at the North Pole and uses green energy to travel the world and deliver prezzies to all the good children who are compliant.
    How dare these bullies scare little children like that, just a pile of sissy cowards.

  2. Tomsa says:

    I figure you know Tony that this was tongue in cheek posted two years ago. We like to have fun with Santa in Canada since he’s our neighbour. Every Christmas Eve NORAD tracks Santa around the world. Canada Post receives letters written by children to Santa and mailed to postal code HOH OHO, doesn’t need a stamp, and many volunteers help a very busy Santa reply to these letters.

    Anyway great to see you posting on the extensive polar ice. I note Hudson Bay froze over very quickly this year.

  3. arn says:

    As the polar bear extinction nonsense no longer works
    it is suicidal walrusses and santa clauses turn to be missused for AGW propaganda.
    (and don”t dare to think that santa clause is leaving the north pole because the massive polar bear increase made the arctic a too dangerous place)

    But,at least we finally have some kind of logic in climate science.
    Using an imaginary person to promote an imaginery fear.

  4. Lance says:

    That is just so wrong for Env. Canada to do that.

  5. G W Smith says:

    Leftist Canadians don’t like Santa because they think he is a myth, and they are hard core realists.

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