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6 Responses to 1913

  1. James Snook says:

    Tony, your demolition of methane as a GHG is hugely important. It ought to be spread far and wide.

    Thanks for your great work.

  2. paul courtney says:

    Dear Mr. Heller: Here in the Dayton Oh area, the flood of 1913 remains a story retold so often it’s still fresh. The great flood led to a system of dams that are a source of pride to this day, yet these could not be built today because- the environment. We are gonna need to get our collective spine back, or we’ll be ruled by Greta.

  3. rah says:

    Wish you would have continued on into the winter. As I remember the winter 1913 was pretty cold.

  4. rah says:

    As about everyone but climate scientists understand, greater contrasts in temperatures and pressures leads to stormier weather. Here is an example of that from 1913 which I don’t believe you have in your archives Tony. Or if you do I don’t remember you posting about it.
    The Great Lakes Hurricane of 1913

  5. Michael says:

    Hi – Ive just discovered this site, am trawling through as often as i can.

    One question i have relates to the frequency of the claim that weather data is being altered by scientists to fit their narrative.

    What reasons are given for the altering of the recorded data?

    Thank you


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