Climate Change In Australia

Eighty years ago, massive fires in Victoria forced people to flee to the beach.

01 Feb 1939 – BUSHFIRE DAMAGE. – Trove

But the climate has changed over the past 80 years.

Climate Terrorism perhaps? It seems way too coordinated to be 200 random decisions.

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  1. MrGrimNasty says:

    There are 2 main groups of people almost certainly lighting and inciting the lighting of wildfires around the world that the MSM will not ever mention.

    ISIS terrorists employing pyro-terorism as recommended in ‘the manual’.

    Eco-crackpots, individuals and groups like XR/NGOs, trying to further their political cause and ‘prove’ climate change.

    • GeologyJim says:

      Arsonists have long been suspected in southern CA fires during Santa Ana winds, and I believe several have actually been apprehended

      I am not surprised at these acts (in isolation), given the perverse motives for excitement, notoriety, vengence, and the like

      But arson of this magnitude really crosses the line into truly sick, deviant behavior – – especially with the implication (and believability) of group coordination

      It meets my definition of terrorism. This goes beyond “shouting FIRE in a crowded theater” to actually lighting the fire and blocking the exits. Despicable!

    • T. Erickson says:

      I seem to remember Tony posting a story about fires in the Amazon rainforest being started by an NGO. No reason it can’t happen here also.

  2. John F. Hultquist says:

    In AU, the response of authorities to arson will be interesting.
    Using the wrong word when mentioning a neighbor can land one in a lot of trouble.
    The arsonist can say “climate change”, and the MSM media will give her/him/it a medal.
    Insert “cynical” tag (face) here.

    • James Snook says:

      I wonder how they measure ‘intensity’?

    • Gerald Machnee says:

      Of course someone has to get their 2 cents in:
      **Even as the acreage consumed by wildfires declined, James Randerson, University of California Irvine earth sciences professor, said climate change has played a role by making wildfires more intense.

      “There are really two separate trends,” Mr. Randerson said. “Even as the global burned area number has declined because of what is happening in savannas, we are seeing a significant increase in the intensity and reach of fires in the western United States because of climate change.”**

      But James is short sighted and cannot see back to the 1930’s when there were many times more fires and acres burned as well as intense fires with the 1930’s version of “climate change”.

      • James Snook says:

        My comment was meant to be sarcastic. There is currently no measure of ‘intensity’, but I’m sure that its only a matter of time before the alarmists come up with one such as ‘Hiroshimas per acre’.?

      • David A says:

        The recent intensity increase is due to poor Forrest management; overprotection sans clearing and controlled burns and creating favorable Bark beetle conditions.

    • Robertv says:

      While the rest of the world believes all Australia is burning 99,5 procent of Australia is not.

  3. arn says:

    Those fires as as real as 90% of the refugees.
    A well orchestrated show.
    If you want to destroy countries and create radical change
    you need to do some radical stuff
    to “convince” people and proof your point.
    Salinsky 2.0.

    That”s why so many Reichtags fires are happening now.

    “Debunking” reality
    and artificial chaos
    have always been very effective methods.

  4. Mostly bad land management and arson are the cause of the fires. Constant infiltration by the Greens as to how land and forest is managed – or NOT managed. Cutting funding and personel for forest management. 12 people, down from 72, to look after an area the size of Tasmania and funding cut by $100M. After thousands of years of burnoffs to control the inevitable fires, that was stopped and dry ‘fuel’ allowed to build up over a couple of decades. What do these morons expect? Now they are reaping what they sowed. But they’ll blame CC of course, blame everyone else.

  5. Gator says:

    Someone should check Michael Mann’s pockets for lighter fluid and lighters. If he is not above destroying his own vocation of climate science, for his agenda, what else is safe?

  6. ivan zlax says:
    Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!

    Is there another source of 200 investigations of arsons?

  7. richard says:

    How the Aborigines kept the big fires in check.

    “Before Aboriginal people populated the Australian continent some 40,000 to 60,000 years ago, the major cause of fires would have been lightning. Aboriginal people learnt to harness the naturally recurring fire caused by lightning and other sources to their advantage, which resulted in skilful burning of landscapes for many different purposes.

    Fire was used to:

    make access easier through thick and prickly vegetation
    maintain a pattern of vegetation to encourage new growth and attract game for hunting
    encourage the development of useful food plants, for cooking, warmth, signalling and spiritual reasons.
    Early European explorers and settlers commented on the Aboriginal people’s familiarity with fire, and the presence of fire in the landscape continually throughout the year. Most of the fires were relatively low intensity and did not burn large areas.

    This constant use of fire by Aboriginal people as they went about their daily lives most likely resulted in a fine grained mosaic of different vegetation and fuel ages across the landscape.

    As a result, large intense bushfires were uncommon.

    Fire is a significant part of Aboriginal culture and the knowledge of its use has been retained by many Aboriginal families as their culture and values are shared between generations. Karla Wongi – Fire Talk is an interesting article that provides additional information.

    The plants and animals themselves provide clues to the ubiquitous presence of fire”

  8. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Anyone else notice that Twitter removed Gwyneth Montenegro’s account? That’s how we know what she wrote is the truth. Twitter hates the truth if it contradicts the liberal orthodoxy. LOL
    “In NSW alone, 54 people have been charged with bushfire-related offences since August.”
    “Three teenage girls have been arrested for arson over 13 grassfires police allege were deliberately lit on the New South Wales mid-north coast.”
    “Police have located a 12-year-old boy in Queensland who allegedly lit a fire deliberately that destroyed bushland and part of a storage facility in Slacks Creek in Logan, about 5pm Monday. Another two 14-year-old girls are also assisting police with their inquiries after allegedly deliberately lighting a fire in bushland in Ormeau on the Gold Coast this morning.”
    “A suspected arsonist was ­arrested after a chase through the Royal National Park, south of Sydney by an army Black Hawk helicopter. The crew of the 6th Aviation Regiment unit in the Black Hawk spotted a man “acting suspiciously” in the northern area of the park, The Daily Telegraph reported.”
    “Police allege a teenager started a central Queensland bushfire that has destroyed 14 homes.”
    “Since a state of emergency was declared in Queensland on November 9, police said they had taken action against 18 people for deliberately lighting fires.”
    “A volunteer firefighter in Australia has been charged with deliberately lighting blazes during the nation’s bushfire crisis. Police arrested the man, 19, for seven counts of alleged arson in an area south of Sydney, New South Wales.”
    “NSW Rural Fire Service Inspector Ben Shepherd has revealed investigators are close to charging more than a dozen suspected arsonists believed to have deliberately lit bushfires as the state remains in the grip of an ongoing bushfire crisis.”
    “Figures obtained by AAP reveal 98 people – 31 adults and 67 juveniles – have been dealt with by Queensland police for deliberately setting fires.”
    “Police in the central-western NSW town of Wellington have arrested an 11-year-old boy in relation to a fire along the Bell River.”
    “The incident prompted police to ask for public assistance to identify a man captured on CCTV who they want to questioning as part of their investigation.”
    “Meanwhile, police have charged a 71-year-old man for allegedly lighting a fire without a permit northwest of Moruya on the NSW south coast, causing a 40-hectare bushfire in the Wandera State Forest, and charged another man for allegedly lighting two bushfires near Cessnock in the Hunter.”
    “Another series of fires allegedly set in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs earlier in December have resulted in a man being charged with five criminal counts of arson.”
    “A deliberately-lit bushfire in northeast Tasmania is sparking an emergency warning as winds increase.”
    “Police have arrested and charged a man following reports he allegedly started a fire in East Gippsland last night.”
    “The Tasmania Fire Service said on Friday that uncontrolled fires in the state’s north-east had burnt down a house and destroyed a car at Tower Hill. Police believe the fire was started by arson on Monday.”

    Wasn’t it Australia which was supposed to be a textbook example of renewable power generation creating a more beneficial environment? Yet they also claim to have worse fires today… hmmm… perhaps it’s because they forewent brush clearing in favor of dumping all their money into the renewable energy sinkhole. That’s the same as California’s been doing… and they burned down Paradise.

    Liberalism is a mental disease… part denial of reality, part pig-headed stubbornness about pursuing their mentally-cracked goals regardless of all indications that the unintended consequences of that pursuit are worse than the desired outcome’s benefit.

  9. Petit_Barde says:

    It seems the twitt has been deleted :
    – the link brings to “Sorry, the page no longer exists !”


    Happy new year !

  10. iggie says:

    Just check the new world temp record in Cabramurra on the 4th Jan, 20.
    Cabramurra is in the Snowy Mts in NSW.
    You will need to scroll down to see the record temps.
    63.3 at 4:33pm! The ethermometer one-second spike was 69.8C.
    You’ll need to be quick as it could soon disappear.
    Obviously a faulty AWS.

  11. rah says:

    I’m currently at Daytona Beach, FL. Last night had dinner with some family that live in the most upscale community in Ormond and they were telling us about the wildfires of 1998. NASCAR canceled a 400 mile race for the first time in it’s history. People on the west side of the intercoastal had to evacuate, Those with money or friends evacuated to the east side of the intercoastal People stayed evacuated for nearly a month in late June through most of July of 1998. Causes for those massive fires were declared lightning and arson.

  12. ivan zlax says:

    List of arson reports:

    Three teenage girls have been arrested for arson over 13 grassfires police allege were deliberately lit on the New South Wales mid-north coast…

    Greta Thunberg:
    “I want you to act as if your house is on fire. Because it is.”

  13. Brian Davies says:

    I can’t find an email address for Tom Heller, so I’ll post here. I went to save one of Tom’s videos to a playlist and got the message shown at the bottom of my screen capture shown. They have marked his videos as being For Kids and turned off comments. They won’t allow saving his videos to a playlist. Absolutely disgusting!

  14. Brian Davies says:

    My apologies, I meant Tony, not Tom.

  15. Spurwing Plover says:

    All those who ae blaming the fires on Climate Chane/Global Warming as the usial idiots who you can expect to be pushing this whole scam Hollywood Airheads Fake Scientists,Leftists News Journalists and Liberal Democrats

  16. I like the way you break things down. How relatable!

  17. Very helpful! Is there anything else I should do next? Or is this good?

  18. Are you tired? I’m concerned about you. Please take care!

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