New Video : Nuclear Grade Climate Madness

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  1. Cobwatch says:

    Last night i was subjected to Michael Mann (he of the hockey stick)on BBC Radio 5….it was just awful. It was the usual fare, with some anti-Trump nonsense thrown in for good measure. The sycophantic presenter let Mann and some other “expert” (a medical Doctor) rant on about atomic bombs being exploded, as an analogy, by the billions. President Trump needed to read a kids book written by Mann (something about tantrums) because it had mostly pictures and no words….all was accepted and not challenged. Australia is of course burning up because of man-made climate heating, exacerbated by “kinks” in the jet stream etc….Mann had the cheek to say, more than once, that Trump thinks the way he does because he is paid by the fossil fuel lobby. Absolutely no insight into his own payments/grants/funding from the climate alarmist industry. We are all doomed don’t you know?

  2. Petit_Barde says:

    And when the Earth’s energy imbalance and / or the OHC’s trend switch to a decline, which unit do these clowns use ?

    • Cobwatch says:

      Well, well, well…thanks for that. Why am i not surprised? I am with Dr Robert Fagan. As are the Chinese. Which is exactly why they are burning fossil fuels with a fury. Are they, indeed, saving the World?

  3. Simon Hodges says:

    We should also consider that the ocean’s have supposedly warmed 1/10th of a degree over a 60 year period. If it were the case that 5 hiroshima bombs per second were required to do this then it is clear that there is nothing whatsoever that man could do to avert cooling or a new ice age.

  4. czechlist says:

    In August 1971 I stood at ground zero in Nagasaki. An obelisk stands below where the Plutonium bomb Fat Man exploded. On the obelisk was a plaque which stated scientists predicted nothing would grow there for 75 years; yet I was standing in a verdant park with grass and trees and flowers and Japanese children playing with kittens 26 years later.

  5. D Boss says:

    They are just playing games with really big numbers – foisting this on the largely technically illiterate public.

    20 minute thunderstorm releases a Hiroshima sized bomb’s energy about 15 times over…

    A major hurricane releases a Hiroshima sized bomb’s energy 10 times per second…

    Global hurricanes release 400 million Hiroshima sized bomb’s worth annually…

    And I doubt the veracity of this 4 per second value for CO2’s global energy….

  6. MichiCanuck says:

    I don’t disagree with the basic message, but I will pick a very small nit. For almost all liquids, as the liquid warms it expands and rises. This is almost always true for water, but there is an important temperature range (0C to 4C) where water behaves quite anomalously. As water warms, it sinks. Add in complexities from salinity (0C fresh water from melting ice can float on sea water).

    I think that the proper use of the Hiroshima bomb unit of energy is to estimate how many Hiroshima bomb equivalents we receive every second at the top of the atmosphere from the sun. In those units, any supposed imbalance will be put into better context. From estimates that I dug up, Hiroshima was about 63 TJ, the Earth receives about 173,000 TJ/s, so Earth receives about 2750 Hiroshima bomb equivalents per second from the sun, or about 237 hundred million bombs per day.

  7. michael nunn says:

    I would like to tell an unlikely story linking Banking, diligence, integrity and fraud through to shipping, diligence and integrity to weather to computers to global warming to scientists, falsification, negligence, competence, ignorance, fraud and ultimately world chaos.
    Before computers Bank branches reconciled the day’s transactions before staff left. Ships masters were required to make often hourly reports, back to the Meteorological Offices, of position and weather. From this and land based data weather prediction were broadcast. This data was also fed into computer based models particularly climate prediction ones.
    With the advent of computers the branch banking system stopped reconciliation. The Met Offices began to replace ship by ship reporting by their own data from balloons and buoy. The ship based data was found NOT TO FIT the models so it was decided that the ships engines were raising the temperatures and should be corrected.
    Now, computers do not ask questions they just give answers to what is asked.
    In Banks many outrageous frauds have been identified by logical reconciliation. Not so with Climate scientist.
    In 1869 the link between CO2 and Mankinds’ combustion activity was revealed. Just maybe some latter day scientist knew this, and justified the correction to ship’s temperature data being made to suit Climate model predictions.
    How is it that the same correction was NOT made to all land based data gathered in the vicinity of Combustion activity?
    Why is this heat relevant over seas and oceans and not over land?
    Answer it is relevant, and the EXCLUSION OF CUMBUSTION EFFECTS in Climate Models is the prime cause of the falsification, selective use of data, of the error strewn theories of CO2 influence practiced by many scientists.
    Unlike Banking which retains a level of reconciliation leading to fraud disclosure, the MEMBERS OF IPCC CHOSE TO FORBID ANY ENQUIRY INTO QUESTIONING THE VALIDITY OF THEIR PROJECT. More wonder the world is confused. Com.

  8. The last time I did the math when the unit “Hiroshimas” was used, it proved that if the direct effect of CO2 is 3.7W/m^2 per doubling, then the feedback is absolutely negative. The total accumulated heat is only 1/4 the expected value if the direct effect were at work. This was done by taking the total forcing for a CO2 value at each year, * area * time to get total energy as the expected value. The actual is 1/4 of that.

    In other words, if there is an effect, 3/4 of it is rejected to space anyway, and we definitely do not multiply by 3 as the IPCC would have you do for the “H2O feedback” (which is total nonsense – what H2O actually does is become buoyant, lift, phase change, become white, shade, rain, and emit the heat from phase change to space at a high altitude). So the actual value is 1/12th what the IPCC wants you to believe.

    The next time you hear the unit “Hiroshimas” used, you can describe what a YUGE relief it is that it is so few billion bombs.

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