New Video : Protecting Children From Climate Fraud

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9 Responses to New Video : Protecting Children From Climate Fraud

  1. Mark Lehman says:

    Check out this nonsense that I encountered at the educational site
    “Climate change deniers reject an abundance of scientific studies that provide irrefutable evidence demonstrating that climate change is occurring. This is a prime example of denialism.” This was from a quiz titled Skeptical Empiricism.

    You just can’t escape the propaganda. It’s everywhere. I paid good money to join I usually enjoy it, because they have some very fun and challenging exercises. But it was quite disappointing to yet again be called an ‘denier’ when I least expected it.

  2. Robertv says:

    Thanks to you I too have been able to give my wife and my son the correct facts. He is now 27 and well informed and no fan of that swedish child at all.
    It makes watching the news when we have dinner much more difficult and most of the time I have to change the channel (TV3) or turn of the TV. They now use the latest storm we had (Gloria) to prove climate change. Having a progressive government in Spain doesn’t make things easier.

    • I’m in Australia, Robertv and I have exactly the same problem. I have to turn off the ABC because the stuff it issues is simply not true with respect to AGW. In a similar vein, I note that their reporting of the Trump impeachment usually features clips from the leading Democratic Party prosecutors. Australians have little knowledge of the corruption of the Clintons and Bidens. Indeed, a past Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, organised that the Clinton Foundation be paid many millions of dollars to elevate women in society.

      However I have not been as successful in reaching some of my adult children. One, who is a gifted media communicator, has actually counselled me to be quiet because, in Australia, we have laws that prohibit and punish free speech. She is worried I will one day say something that will result in my being sued and left penniless.

      I, too, am very grateful for Tony’s excellent work and his extraordinary diligence/persistence in this matter.

      • Just the same here in New Zealand. Constant pushing of leftist agendas. Same as you when Trumps impeachment is mentioned it’s the Dems who get the time on screen. Now they want to teach CC in schools and freak out the kids even more. We are bombarded with it all the time. It’s very frustrating when half the people I talk to thinks it’s a load of nonsense and the other half go along with it all and it’s these that just refuse to see another side of the argument. It really has turned into a religious cult, omnipotent, omnipresent and must not be questioned.

  3. Seriously
    Children & YADs (Young Adults) have been educated by tactifully controlled “education” by False Sense of Supperoirity.
    I told President Trump if he runs into Greta he should tell her she will likely live til 100…
    She & we are so fortunate to thrive from modern science & technology.

  4. James Snook says:

    I always point out that Homo Sapiens moved out of Africa sometime in the last three hundred thousand years and successfully settled in climates ranging from the Arctic to the Tropics, as well as arid desert regions, without the aid of modern technology.

    We shouldn’t worry about our ability to survive in the future.

    • Graham Rogers says:

      Sad that you can see what a con Climate Change is but cannot see what a con Darwinian evolution is. It never happened. The idea that a single cell, through trillions of undirected mutations turned into everything from banana trees to butterflies and to people while somehow maintaining symbiotic relationship is unscientific mumbo jumbo. By the way not all of us on the left think the same.

  5. Peter Carroll says:

    Like Kevin, I too am Australian. I agree completely with his assessment of “our ABC”.
    They have reached the same level of climate change paranoia as the BBC and the Sydney Morning Herald.
    The SMH daily, runs two, three, or four climate change horror stories. I have obviously been declared “persona non grata” by the SMH, because they will now not publish any comment I post on anything, after criticizing their AGW bias and hysteria.

  6. dennisambler says:

    Climate emergency: ‘I don’t want my sister to die before reaching 50’

    Appalling stuff.

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