“Nothing To Do With Climate Change”

“As former State Fire Chiefs call for a summit on bushfires, expert and scientist David Packham explains that it has nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with fuel-loads.”

Scientist David Packham on what’s really causing the bushfires

h/t Craig Kelly MP

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5 Responses to “Nothing To Do With Climate Change”

  1. Roy Savage says:

    Thank you for your research.
    It is ironic that you use historical news publications to illustrate the idiocy of the contemporary climate news. I can only conclude that the news writers are almost universally hysterical.
    Unfortunately it’s worse than it looks. It’s not fraud. Al Gore really believes his sillyness.
    Again, thanks and I hope you continue you work.

    Roy Savage
    Rifle Colorado

  2. Aussie says:

    Appreciate you continuing to get the message out. David Packhamn and other experienced fire fighters from know that fuel reduction burning had dramatically dropped off over the years.

    Here in Australia it’s approaching peak stupidity on this one. The BOM with its “hottest year ever+ dubious claim is adding to this.

    Are you able to do your ” Australia since 1876 shows no warming graph” to include last year?

  3. OldCynic says:

    Tony, As a general comment/request, can you change the way in which people can contribute funds, please.
    The “Donate” button takes me to an intrusive Paypal site. I’m not going to use Paypal and I’m not going to enter anything other than my credit card details. I’m not prepared to enter my name and address and email address and phone number. None of that stuff is necessary. Publish a bank account (BSB and Account No.) or a BPAY number, to which I can just send money. Don’t go broke because you’ve not set up an attractive and secure way for us to support you.

  4. Peter Blackmore says:

    I live in Sydney and for the second year in a row, have not turned the office air conditioner on until early December (start of our Summer). At 10 am today it was 25C – in the middle of Summer!

    Whilst being aware that we must not confuse weather and climate, the nightly news weather forecast has been “in a 5-7 days it will be really hot” for a few weeks. But it never gets to average hot. They must think that we are so stupid, as they cry wolf again.

    The fuel reduction issue is finally getting the publicity that may change things. Here’s hoping.

    • John Haller says:

      @ Peter Blackmore,
      I have been observing the same temperatures for the last few weeks. Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and of course Hobart none of them reaching 30c, with some exceptions and then only briefly. Imagine, Brisbane not reaching 30c in summer? The sunshine and gold coast the same. Adelaide on the other hand has been getting whacked with 35c+ for days in a row. Perth had a pretty hot spell before Christmas which was unusual but it’s back to normal seasonal temperatures of low 30’s. The plus side is, if you have the ABC TV news on you should be able to BBQ a steak quite nicely with all the flames coming out.

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