New Video : Climate News January 6, 2020

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  1. Steff says:

    Thank you Tony, you are doing a great job.

    There is so much noise attributing the current disastrous fires here to climate change, and glossing over the actual causes, all of which are “anthropogenic”:

    – Protests reduced back burning (to protect bird habitat)
    – New laws restricting farmers to clear their own land of trees and fuel (protect nature)
    – Arsonists and accidental ignition of fires in 80%+ of cases (others are from embers carried by wind causing ignition)
    – New laws prohibiting live stock grazing in national parks (protect habitat)
    – Laws prohibiting the removal or use of firewood in national parks (protect habitat)
    – Areas designated as national parks increased dramatically (protect habitat)
    – Laws preventing land owners from creating catchments to store water, which would have been vital to fighting these fires (save water as we are over consuming from population and agricultural demand)

    The list goes on. Yet, experts from all around the world and the known propagandists from Australia use this disaster as evidence for their own agenda.

    If this was genuinely caused by anthropogenic climate change, then Australia is the true victim here, not the guilty party. Our paltry population of ~26M did not contribute any meaningful amount of CO2 to the atmosphere, and that includes our exports of fuels.

    Who’s to blame? We didnt keep our tinderbox country manageable, for that we can be blamed and should be, and we have crazy people lighting fires – but our CO2 emissions had no impact on this event.

  2. Tyrannosaurus Rex says:

    Your Chinese article’s spot on. If there really is a climate crisis, we’d be toast no matter what. Even an atheist must admit that when Man tries to be God, claiming to have power over Earth and Heaven, it’ll always be deceptively disastrous.

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