The Case Against Climate Science

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21 Responses to The Case Against Climate Science

  1. mike gilli says:

    I only wonder why you take so much trouble trying to deny the obvious.. please declare your interest and whether you get a ”subsidy” from the millions being given out by criminal business climate deniers in the US.

    • tonyheller says:

      Comments like yours reinforce my understanding of the broken mental state of climate alarmists.

      • Billyjack says:

        One would have an easier time arguing the veracity of the virgin birth with an Evangelical that providing facts to a member of the flock of the Church of Warming, like MG. The climate clergy composed of government climate scientists are little different than the educated clergy of yore who provided the “science” of the king’s right to rule by divine providence. They then get to share in the plunder of the peasants and the ruling authority gets people like MD to give up their property and freedom voluntarily.

      • Kent Clizbe says:


        For real reinforcement, try clicking on Mike’s link.

        It leads to a whacky website called “The Free.” Which appears to be a novel about a whacky girl who chucks it all for “anarcho-feminist, climate-change-driven, social revolution, dynamite the patriarchy…etc, etc, etc.”

        “The Free: blog of the post capitalist transition.”

        Now you’re even closer to understanding their broken mental state.

        Pitifully broken they are.

    • What a silly thing to say Mike! It adds nothing to the debate. If you can find fault in any of the facts that Tony is presenting please do so and I would love to watch the debate.

      I have followed Tony for some time now and I have randomly checked the facts he presents. I can’t fault them. Indeed, Tony’s work is an excellent example of rigorous scholarship. Where Tony has made the odd accidental error, he has been quick to correct that mistake once it is pointed out to him.

      If you really, genuinely want to learn how wrong climate alarmists are, you should read a book, written by a friend of mine, Dr Weston Allen. Weston is actually a doctor of medicine but he excels in mathematics and originally chose engineering before deciding that medicine was his true vocation. The book I recommend is “The Weathermakers Re-examined”. In this book, Weston, piece by piece, reference after reference, methodically demolishes the false arguments and facts promoted by one of Australia’s most prominent climate alarmists, Dr Tim Flannery. I suggest the book only so that you can come to appreciate the terrific work and service that Tony Heller is performing. Be thankful there are Tony Hellers in this world. (Sorry if I’m making you blush Tony! :-) )

      Once again, though, if you can fault the facts that Tony presents, then I’m sure this audience (including Tony) would love to hear about it. In this particular instance, there is no doubt that there has been widespread misreporting of the facts by those with a vested interest in promoting alarm.

    • spike55 says:

      mike gilli seems to be one of those antiFa fascists thugs or maybe a “stinkie”

      A pathetic little man, with a world of complaint as his bed.

      Get a life, petal. !

    • Jl says:

      You mean as opposed to the billions given out by criminal government climate alarmists?

    • Disillusioned says:

      mike gilli said: … please declare your interest and whether you get a ”subsidy” from the millions being given out…

      You are very late to this party.

    • Robertv says:

      You deny Earth is in an Ice Age ?

    • Aussie says:

      Why don’t you try to refute Tonys evidence and arguments instead of an ad hominem attack, that is unsubstantiated.

    • kzvx says:

      Click on ‘mike gilli’ and you find out all you need to know about the climate change movement – anti capitalism

  2. anothermaninthemirror says:

    Tony, your videos and their content, are so logical, rational and coherent, that no wonder your material and presentations posted on your very popular YouTube site, are becoming more and more threatening to those who are unable to refute the past data records, without data tampering, are unable to present any real reasons why they believe that CACC – Catastrophic Alarmist Climate Change – is occurring – because it is not – and keep moving the “goal posts” viz; Global warming to AGW to Climate Change, to Catastrophic Climate Change to Climate Emergency.

    Those together with the junk science that rising CO2 levels, on account of the burning of fossil fuels by Man which they say are “definitely” the cause and thus are the basis of their disgraced, debunked and disbelieved climate change theories, seem to be producing levels of hysteria that borders on, maniacal thoughts and even the same type of action by their followers.

    Tony you are definitely “in the CACC Cult’s kitchen” so keep up the good work and keep holding their feet to the fire. Thanks.

  3. anothermaninthemirror says:

    Tony you and other readers may want to check out this new program on the BBC…

    Some very low hanging fruit here, on a National Publicly Funded Broadcasting network as you know. No doubt Australia’s, ABC and MSM will follow suit.

    • When I watch stuff like this, I become seriously depressed. At the moment, I am trying to have the Australian Bureau of Meteorology’s methods, equipment and data audited. (No prizes for guessing who I want to be part of that audit! :-) )

      If you Google “Winter Temperatures in Britain Decreasing”, you are presented with the first listing “UK Experiences winter temperatures above 20C for the first time”. Immediately after that you get, “Will 2019 be the UK’s coldest winter on record?” Further down, you find, for 2020, “Rush-hour snow warning as UK temperatures hit seven-year low!”.

      This is classic manipulation of the truth that Tony constantly highlights in his posts.

      If only we had the media reach to demolish this obscene exercise of misinformation that is the BBC’s “Climate Check”.

      • Aussie says:

        I have also been pressuring Sussan Leys office (as Environment Minister, the BOM come under her) over the outrageous misrepresentations of the past temperature trends by the BOM.

        Were this in the financial field then the perpetrators would have been jailed, but in climate the BOM alarmists can adjust the data however they like and put out any number of baseless alarmist graphs and the Minister takes no interest.

        Keep pushing here!

  4. Doug Ross says:

    Tony, based on your graph data, Lake Mead (Hoover Dam), and lake Powell should be full the past few years. In 1983, the over flows were in full use, the water close to the top of the dams. Yet, we have more tons of snow and rain than ever. WHAT HAPPENED to the water in these lakes? What MAN MADE conspiracy has drained these lakes to critical levels? Something EVIL is afoot. Please investigate. When I have asked for comment by the evil feds, I get BS answers (climate change causes the lakes to drain), or no comments at all.

    They are being drained on purpose. AND, they now hint that the dams will never be allowed to be at full capacity again (due to faux damage caused by fake global warming). They are trying to damage the dams in order to demand to blow them up…. Like the destruction in Washington State. These people are war criminals. Literal at war with our life, liberty, property and sacred honor. You should help us prove their evil against to great man made wonders of the world.

    Attached is one picture with Hoover >150’ below pool level after the snow melt. Within 75’ of being unusable.

    Please email me with interest level, low or high. Thank you.

    • Robertv says:

      You have to have capacity to absorb the melt water. Oroville dam showed what can happen if you fill it up to max capacity.

  5. Doug Ross says:

    Another picture in 1983 that had less snow pack/rain (according to your stats) than we have had in past couple years. What are the enviro terrorists running out parks, systems, and Weaponized .gov services doing? They want Mead and Powell destroyed.

    • czechlist says:

      Down stream, Lake Mojave’s water inflow/outflow/ water level has remained consistent for 10 years.
      The growing population’s water needs and agriculture in Nevada, Arizona and SoCal may be the cause.
      Unfunded research project for someone?
      I’m too busy making buggy whips and horse $hit shovels to supply Greta’s new world order. I’m gonna be rich!

  6. Oztruthseeker says:

    Mikegilli, it is obvious that you are the one denying the obvious. The evidence is there, what is your excuse for denying it?

  7. 1muzzy says:

    Doug Ross-
    The one level in Lake Mead simply doesn’t tell the whole story of the snow/watershed status, it’s a more complex story. As with any storage container, change in level is function of flow in – flow out. Lake Mead is at the base of the Colorado River with a multiplicity of storages upstream, Lake Powell being the largest. Water that is diverted for urban and ag. uses doesn’t flow into Mead from the watershed but rather into separate reservoirs and there is a multiplicity of these, beginning in Denver. As most reservoirs have sloping sides, it takes a larger volume of water to change the reservoir level when it’s full than when it’s empty. I think you can now see why an increase in snow melt does not translate into a linear level change at Mead. Additionally, Colorado’s population increase translates into more flow for urban use and less flow for Mead. You can find Mead’s level since the dam was built here.

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