Where Is The Outrage?

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  1. S.K. Dodsland says:

    Is Soros funding the arsonists as well?

  2. Tyrannosaurus Rex says:

    Tony, some of your supporters appear to be Anti Semites. How do you deal with this? Sure, the Rothschilds are doing well, but they’re far from puppet masters. If there is a new world order, I suspect it’d be run by Anti Semites as regressives are just that.

    • Doug Ross says:

      More false name calling. Trying to badger a Hebrew (Tony) back into the Marx/Lenin fold. You remind me of the scribes and Pharisees yelling at Jesus.

      Go back to your Neo-Marxism cave of tyranny. Won’t work dude.

      • Tyrannosaurus Rex says:

        You’re an idiot, Doug. If we’re to end the climate crisis hoax, we have to get rid of the loons in our ranks. Anti Vaxxers, Eschatologists, etcetera. Though I do believe technocrats are using the climate crisis to their advantage, I wouldn’t call it global governance, which if you think about it is impossible because all countries have a strong sense of identity. How dare you call me Marxist. I believe in globalized capitalism, which you populists continually fail to understand. Do you really think there’s a Jewish conspiracy? Then you’re just a dupe for Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent and Tsar Nicholas’s Protocols, both of which are throughly debunked, and don’t go saying Jews are communists. Communists like fascists are horrendously anti semitic. I’ll say it again. If we’re to end the climate crisis hoax, we have to get rid of loons in our ranks. If there is a new world order coming, it will be an anti semitic one.

  3. Gloomy Bloomy & Soros, same page. Borderless BitCon Boundless spending of non money.
    If we Plan for 20 Billion People & Cooling & Warming making all creatures great & small (even humans) HAPPY.
    Best 10 Sentences ever written were by one of your Proudest Jews, Moses.
    If we stuck to those we would all Love Life.

    • Gary Seymour says:

      Moses wrote them? Wow, you religious people need to stick to a theme.

      • Vegieman says:

        Religious people? Certainly you don’t believe we evolved from some imagined gradual events of chance over billions of years. How could any reasonable person that operates in the truth manifested here actually believe it is the result of random biochemical reactions in the mush between our ears? Evolutionism is a religion in the same way that climate alarmism is. In fact, the same people who would have us believe that they are going to save us from ourselves by controlling CO2 tend to be of the same Marxist bent that found Darwin’s teachings useful for their cause – all in the name of science. “For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?” I find Peter’s comment to be right on theme.

        • Tyrannosaurus Rex says:

          What the Hell does Darwinism have anything to do with climate change alarmism? In fact, the whole four billion years of the geological record contradicts the forecasts. Sure, these processes have never been kind, but things will be fine a million years from now just as they were a million years ago, provided that we focus on actual environmental problems. Tony also has a video of Darwin contradicting the alarmists, and where does Marx gets the idea that Man can control everything if he’s just a product of such chaos? Capitalism, when done right, is the economic version of chaos transforming into order just like when you study biological, chemical, geological, or cosmological evolution. You cannot control the powers that be.

          • Vegieman says:

            “You cannot control the powers that be.”

            How true. The taming of the economy by man into something semi-orderly is a good example of what human intelligence is capable of. But if it is to be compared to “evolution” of the universe, then what is the source of the intelligence that produced its order? The climate cult and the evolution cult tend to operate under the same godless precepts that lend well to the destabilization of society.

            The prevailing worldview here is typically evolutionary, yet if you can step back from this paradigm, it is pretty obvious that the arguments used here to expose the flawed non-science used by climate alarmists can be applied to the so-called science of evolution.

            As you know well and support, Tony operates in sound truth and facts regarding historical climate data that generally cannot be refuted (though some like MG in another post will try). The inherent desire for truth and reason is unarguably the driver of a majority of followers and supporters of the work that he is doing. It is quite bizarre for the concept of truth and reason to even exist if we are the product of inconceivable time and chance.

            I certainly don’t like to be argumentative with those who support the principles of truth being conveyed here, but I also have a hard time standing on the side when the inconvenient views of others (typically labeled “religious” or “creationist”) are bashed as though absurd. As someone commented some time back, (paraphrasing) “I’d rather enter into a discussion on climate with someone having a creationist viewpoint than most of these climate alarmists.” A very fitting quote from an obscure author on the subject of nature (from a creation world view) said, “never written, never spoken, often challenged, never broken.” Truth will prevail.

      • 10 ways to organize society interaction with each other.
        Whether Moses was a accurate stenographer for a UFO, last known Algae to speak or a BIG GUY or GAL matters not.
        Thriving on lies, cheating,killing etc. is a bad way for Society to be.
        Point is humans can Love life, all creatures great & small even fellow humans & our Planet. And stick to the 10 Commandments, or as many as we can.

    • Socialism is the embodiment of disrespect for the property rights of others. It is a one way road to mediocrity. Socialists believe they have a right to the wealth of others. The more wealthy a person is, the greater they feel the need to divest those persons of their wealth. In doing so they don’t elevate people, they drag everyone down to the same low level. Somehow, though, the leaders of socialism end up living in luxury whilst the commoners make-do. It would seem that Soros, an ardent socialist, had his values shaped very early in his life.

      There are many things that we can do with our savings to help this world be a better place. Bill and Melinda Gates are earnestly trying to do just that, funding the fight against malaria. It is a pity that Soros couldn’t focus his considerable intellect and money making talents in that direction.

  4. GeologyJim says:

    If you close your eyes and listen to Soros, he sounds remarkably like Peter Sellers in the role of Dr. Strangelove from the eponymous movie ” . . . . . . or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”

    Maybe Peter Sellers had access to some early audio of Soros

    BTW, I always wanted to use the work “eponymous” in a sentence (heh-heh)

  5. arn says:

    The outrage is determined by those who controle
    the media and therefore the narrative.

    Therefore the outrage only exists in those fields that are in the spotlight.
    No matter how much of an opposite the reality is to the official narrative.

    Even the most horrible double standards and the biggest hypocrisy are acceppted that way.

    That”s why there was no outrage/impeachment when Obama destroyed 4 countries or gave guns to mexican drug cartells(fast&furious scandal)
    or used the IRS to target the opposition,
    but Trump gets impeached for an off the mill phone call,while the real ukraine scandal is the corruption of the sons of biden and kerry and burisma.

    That”s why south africa was heavily criticized for apartheid
    while in muslim countries black people are still enslaved by the millions and usually called abeed(=slave,ni….)
    and gender and religious apartheid is fundamental part of islamic law.

    The same goes for global warming vs the ice age of the 70ies.

    The endless permanent repeating is shaping peoples mind,
    not what is really going on.
    Things that garantie the highest return on investment in terms of virtue signalling and the most prestige will be mimicked and repeated.

  6. ARN
    Did Freud know Geology?
    Granite best return on Tectonic Investment …..?
    Real Climate Science includes awholelotta Science & more every day.
    Fabulous Planet in good shape, bet Greta will live to be 100.
    Greta Garantie?

  7. Doug Ross says:

    Tony, I wish you would spend more time working yourself into a consultant at the White House. That way, you would be in Davos… and speaking in the breakout sessions, per Donald Trump request. Leading the pack disputing the lies, and pointing out the child abuse on Greta by her parents and handlers. Instead you spend too much time having your systems falsely censor me here and on You Tube. Are you real? Or a fake false hope?


    • Disillusioned says:

      Thanks for the link. I am concerned the POTUS is getting heavy doses of climate propaganda from advisors. I saw a snippet on the news within the last week – he was asked if he still thought CC was a hoax, and he said no, he thought it was real and needs to be dealt with (paraphrasing from my fallible memory).

      He has done nothing substantial about the climate hysteria and fraud that goes on at the top of this scam, that I can tell. The only hope I have is that he is known to dangle a carrot and then pull out the rug when his opponent reaches for it. Still…


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