Climate Alarmists Fleeing To Antarctica

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8 Responses to Climate Alarmists Fleeing To Antarctica

  1. richard says:

    You only have to know one thing-

    R. W. Wood explained it best in his Note on the Theory of the Greenhouse:

    “Is it therefore necessary to pay attention to trapped radiation in deducing the temperature of a planet as affected by its atmosphere? The solar rays penetrate the atmosphere, warm the ground which in turn warms the atmosphere by contact and by convection currents. The heat received is thus stored up in the atmosphere, remaining there on account of the very low radiating power of a gas. It seems to me very doubtful if the atmosphere is warmed to any great extent by absorbing the radiation from the ground, even under the most favourable conditions.”

    Who is he-

    “Robert Williams Wood (May 2, 1868 – August 11, 1955) was an American physicist and inventor. He is often cited as being a pivotal contributor to the field of optics and a pioneer of infrared and ultraviolet photography. Wood’s patents and theoretical work inform modern understanding of the nature and physics of ultraviolet radiation, and made possible the myriad uses of UV-fluorescence which became popular after World War I.[1][2][3][4] He published many articles on spectroscopy, phosphorescence, diffraction, and ultraviolet light”

  2. John Wainwright says:

    At a latitude of 63 degrees south, Esperanza is actually in the Southern Temperate zone and NOT the Antarctic which starts at 66.5 south.

  3. Allan Kiik says:

    Opening picture is a Girl from Oymyakon (definitely not from Ipanema)…

  4. Stefan says:

    Tony please, help me to dissect this graphs that were shared on a sub that I was lurking

  5. patrick healy says:

    when I tried to download these (no doubt hilarious dénouements of the global warming scam) I was sent to some soviet site that asked for my Marxist credentials before I could read the items on you_tube.
    Thanks but no thanks.
    I understand that most US universities now have a warning to deter little snowflakes from reading any items that may upset them.
    Could we now have a warning that items contain global warming propaganda.

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