Michael Mann Takes His Fraud Down Under

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  1. See? Pons and Fleischmann still claim to have developed cold fusion… pathological liars and political parties never admit they were wrong about anything.

  2. Rosco says:

    While the Brisbane floods of 1974 were massive – I saw them myself – they were not the largest on record.

    That distinction goes to floods in the 1890’s – “The 1893 Brisbane flood, occasionally referred to as the Great Flood of 1893 or the Black February flood, occurred when the Brisbane River burst its banks on three occasions in February 1893. It was the occurrence of three major floods in the same month that saw the period named “Black February””.

    From 1890 to 1896 Queensland experienced large floods every summer.

    Without wishing to denigrate the misery the 2011 floods were the smallest.

  3. Rosco says:

    In the aftermath of cyclone Tracy numerous claims were made that the houses were “gerry built”.

    But this is not true – obviously they couldn’t withstand the forces and the reversal that comes as the eye passes directly over but Australia was a first world nation and the houses were most definitely not tin and timber shanties one often sees destroyed by cyclones in less affluent countries.

    Tracy may not have been the most powerful cyclone but it was powerful and Darwin suffered hours of relentless battering, an hour of calm as the eye passed and hours of relentless battering with winds coming from the opposite direction – something that happens simply by chance depending on the eye.

    • Michael Spencer says:

      Peter – thanks for your comment. I looked at it and was totally appalled! It’s no wonder we are seeing young people joining ‘Extinction Rebellion’ etc..

      I had to laugh when Dr Karl correctly talked about ‘belief’, and then went on to say (effectively) that he ‘believes in the science and that evil others are spreading propaganda’, or words to that effect.

      I’ve been assembling a few interactive things in the hope that some of our propagandised Youth might be able to check out a few things. I’ve just added Dr Karl into page 89 of this PDF: https://www.galileomovement.com.au/media/ShouldYouReallyBeAlarmedExtra.pdf, and there’s two before this one, plus an interactive PowerPoint complete with several ‘Contents’ slides and over 1,000 hyperlinks. (They’re rather comprehensive!)

      So, thanks once again for alerting me to the Dr Karl propaganda.

  4. anothermaninthemirror says:

    …. yep Tony, something we won’t get reported in our mass media…

    “Sydney rains: Record rainfall brings flooding but puts out mega-blaze;”

    “Looks like the dams will still fill. Sydney’s main dam — the Waragamba was only 42% full a few days ago, now it’s 70% full, and most of the fires are out, or will be soon. 16 river systems have flooded, and 13,000 people are being evacuated. Where is that hotter-drier future when you need it?

    Sydney has been hit by its heaviest rain in 30 years, bringing widespread flooding but also putting out two massive bushfires in New South Wales. Australia’s weather agency said 391.6mm of rain had fallen in the past four days in Sydney, more than three times the average rainfall for February. About 100,000 homes are without power, and officials have warned flash floods could be life-threatening.” ….

    ….. and just as you say Tony…. their climate models just don’t work…..

    “The Australian Bureau of Meteorology predicted average rain just five weeks ago
    Jan 2nd 2020: “February to April has roughly equal chances of being wetter or drier than average for most of Australia.

    While outlooks for drier than average conditions have eased compared to those issued for late 2019, several months of above average rainfall are needed to see a recovery from current long-term rainfall deficiencies.”

    …. Government sponsored lying, cheating and denial got the Russia banned from the Olympics….. when this CACCC is exposed, it will be interesting to see whose head will roll.

    Keep up the good fight…

  5. Norilsk says:

    A complete loser.

  6. Gerald Machnee says:

    I was in Australia the last week in March, 1974 and the first week in April, then went to NZ for a week.
    The flood waters had receded in Brisbane and the bus was able to enter. However the road to Alice Springs was not open and I had to fly there.

  7. Peter Blackmore says:

    In the Victorian bushfires of 2009, 300 people died in one day. In this year’s fires about 35 people died.
    One of the most startling images for me in 2009 was that of burnt out cars. You could see the black shell of the vehicle and then a silver trail in each corner, which was where the magnesium alloy wheels had melted and flowed for about one metre (approx 3 ft). I understand that this indicates a temperature of 1,000C.

  8. michael nunn says:

    The long version took months of research and comparison plus logic. This is a short version.
    Note the omissions and contradictions in any model or theory.
    Note the complexity and feasibility demanded by the brief.
    Climate Change model and theory fail on all counts.

    Omission: no account of waste heat from Mankind’s combustion based activity.
    Contradiction: CO2 and Waste heat are BOTH are the product of combustion. CO2 adds no heat, it only limits the escape of heat into Space (Green House Effect). The Waste heat part does not appear in the Model and Theory for Global Warming. So how come CO2 from Mankind’s activities is blamed for global warming?

    Complexity: Nature has determined the status quo for millennia. The available processes are myriad. Most include a feedback control mechanism. This implies that return to stability takes time. To model Nature requires long term data over many cycle of disturbance from the stable state. Nature’s mechanisms control within a set of rules and behaviour. Conservation of Matter is a key one that requires Carbon mass in either gas, solid or liquid form to be fixed.

    Feasibility: Mankind’s activities are restricted to the inhabited surface of the Globe (about 10%) and to a massive extent to the densely populated areas. These areas are poorly distributed around the Globe. It is claimed that CO2 emissions quickly spread globally to give equal concentration.
    HOWEVER, Warming from Mankind’s activity is, as we inevitably all witness, a local phenomenon, which Nature distributes through its complex feedback processes.

    Weather and Climate Theory and Models choose either CO2 (Climate) and Heat Energy (weather). Neither use both. A composite model is not feasible. It could not meet the complexity nor satisfy the brief.

    • Bob says:

      At length your piece tells scientists what might be. But who are we mere earthlings to question truth from such gods? Methane from Dinosaurs, all that meat-eating! 97% of scientists can attest that just the smell, attracted Dino meteorite extinction – when the IPCC instructs them to say so.

  9. DM says:

    Great commentary, Tony

    RE: Point about deception contributing to bad policy

    Electricity prices in southeast Oz have risen into the ranks of the MOST COSTLY in the industrialized world. They now rival Germany & Denmark–Europe’s leaders in “green” electricity.

    The upward trend in Oz began a few years after S. Australia began erecting wind turbines and prematurely closing thermal generators. More recently, New South Wales has added fuel to the fire by repeating S. Australia’s mistake.

    Combating climate change is the publicly given reason for switching to renewables.

    Prior to substituting renewable electricity for conventionally generated electricity, inflation adjusted electricity prices had trended DOWNWARDS for decades. And, Australian electricity prices were CHEAPER than or near the median for industrialized countries.

  10. Peter Ede says:

    CSIRO recently admitted their study showed no connection between Australia’s recent bushfires and climate change.

  11. Peter Ede says:

    Michael Mann recently took a guy to court in Canada for defamation/slander for calling him a fraud.
    The Canadian court asked him to produce his data for review. He refused. Case dismissed.
    Now surely if you are going to sue for slander/defamation you need to prove yourself. Surely if you trust your data you provide it?
    Mann has more cases coming up in the US. It will be interesting to see how he goes there. California will likely side with him.

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