More Flagrant Sea Level Fraud

The amount of fraud in this article is off scale.

Sea Levels Around The US Aren’t Just Rising, They’re Accelerating Year on Year

Even the Washington Post knows that the Gulf Coast is sinking.

Scientists say the rapid sinking of Louisiana’s coast already counts as a ‘worst case scenario’ – The Washington Post

Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

Sea level is Alaska is dropping rapidly. There is no indication that sea level rise rates are accelerating anywhere around the US.  If they were, there would be an upwards curvature.

9452210 Juneau, Alaska

9447130 Seattle, Washington

9439040 Astoria, Oregon

9419750 Crescent City, California

9414750 Alameda, California

9410230 La Jolla, California

8771450 Galveston Pier 21, Texas

8761724 Grand Isle, Louisiana

8720030 Fernandina Beach, Florida

8658120 Wilmington, North Carolina

8574680 Baltimore, Maryland

8534720 Atlantic City, New Jersey

8518750 The Battery, New York

8443970 Boston, Massachusetts

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