My Valentine’s Day Gift To Climate Alarmists

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12 Responses to My Valentine’s Day Gift To Climate Alarmists

  1. Seppo Nikkilä says:

    Another excellent video! I am trying to capture screenshots from your video but my video player adds some annoying texts over it. Could you, please, make your illustrations available on your web site or tell me how I can capture them in perfect shape from the videos. I am using Firefox and Screenshot Capture programs. Thank you and happy Valentine´s Day from Coste del Sol, Spain!

  2. D. Boss says:

    Excellent as always Tony!

    Is there anyone reading this and following Tony’s presentations who can get links like this one to the President?

    I would bet money if he watched a bunch of Tony’s presentations like this one, he would put combating the fraudulent alarmist aspects in Gov as a high priority – or at least put it high on his to do list after he wins in November.

    Although, he listens to his daughter and she is brainwashed on the subject… But she’s not dumb – maybe she too could see the folly of the alarmist narrative with a reality check as Tony always provides…

  3. HayMaker says:

    Best one yet. I wish this could be made into a documentary and shown around the world. I believe the finacing would be easy. All you would need is one sunstantial media site to blow the whistle on NOAA.

  4. elak says:

    An observations Tony made in a previous video: that CO2 warming should have a clear correlation with the hemiphere tilted to the sun. Since the AGW theory is that reflected sunlight gets absorbed by CO2 and then re-emitted back to create the greenhouse effect, the winter hemisphere should see very limited effect from CO2, but as shown 3.55 into this video this warming is located in northern Eurasia in January. Not much sun there at this time of year. How was the CO2 generated warming transferred from the southern hemisphere to Siberia? Atmospheric or earth core?

    My experience is that warm winter days are related to cloud cover. That makes me wonder about another observation Tony made that the difference between highs and lows seems to decrease. That would also fit with clouds. Could this be proof that Svensmark-Shaviv’s therories are correct?

  5. Terry Shipman says:

    The facts of history are very inconvenient to those wishing to push a false narrative. You missed your calling, Tony. You should have been a historian.

  6. Martin Thomas says:

    I really believe that all Tony’s work should be compulsory viewing in all schools.
    My kids are 37 and 35 yrs old. Hardly kids I know, but one is an equine vet, the other is a school teacher. Neither of them had heard of the Medieval warm period or the little ice age.
    What the hell do they teach in school these days??

    Keep up the good work.

  7. peter vq says:

    Same statistical-manipulation practices as they use for propagandizing numbers of disease-cases before and after introduction of vaccines…

  8. Rowland P says:

    Samuel Pepys recorded it to be extraordinarily warm in the Januarys of 1661 and 1662!

  9. Joanne Woolworth says:

    Locusts are cyclic, but now it’s climate change that’s the cause!

  10. Joel Self says:

    It’s amazing to see how all the news outlets seem to have science and environmental editors who are 100% climate alarmist. It seems we have a Deep Press as well as a Deep State.

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