Choosing Life

“I prefer dangerous liberty over peaceful slavery”

  • Thomas Jefferson

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

  • Ben Franklin

I’m living in Central Nebraska this month, staying at the home of a night-shift ICU nurse who works at a regional hospital which covers most of the state of Nebraska.  She is a single mom who lost all of her tenants due to them losing their jobs over COVID panic. If I hadn’t of showed up she wouldn’t have been able to pay her bills this month.

She faces the additional burden of schools being closed. Apparently society expects her to work 12 hours of ICU at night, and teach her children during the day. It is fortunate that I am a former schoolteacher and will be help out with educating her children for a few weeks.

COVID panic is ruining countless lives, and I am doing what I can to help. I’m even doing the big game hunting.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

  • William Pitt
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  1. Brad-DXT says:

    I see you went for the best trophy grade TP possible, not whatever happened along. What caliber rifle did you use? The rifle you are showing looks like it is meant for a very long range shot while your game is typically harvested at close range.

    It was very kind of you to help your friend in her time of need. God bless you and yours.

  2. That should go on the wall… Never knew what hit it…

  3. Dave Ward says:

    In the UK we’ve had police trying to fine a shopkeeper for (chalk) marking the pavement to encourage customers to practice “Social Distancing”. And local council officials have been trying to stop some multi product shops from selling certain items (such as chocolate Easter Eggs), even though their main ranges give people legitimate reason to be there in the first place…

  4. Gator says:

    I was issued travel papers by my employer. Have not been asked for them yet.

    My stock of TP and ammo was built long before this madness hit. Always be prepared.

  5. Charles Straw says:

    Well, if someone’s sister said they’re arresting people in California then it must be true…maybe someone’s sister can set up an Instagram live feed and give us all C-19 updates from the front line

    In my part of CA, the police seem to be doing their regular schtick…I see the occasional SUV police cruiser, but as far as mass arrests go, sadly I see no activity. The normal folks who I’ve encountered out in the world seem almost happy about this crisis…people are mellow, humorous and taking care of business (my neighbor was working on his ’87 Corvette in his driveway all weekend and having a good old time…he’s been resolutely unconcerned about this whole C-19 matter…some people just don’t care

    I must say, that cable outlets such as Netflix and Hulu have kicked it up a notch…if Americans weren’t addicted to TV before this existential crisis, they will be after it’s over. For most Americans, nothing could be better than being stuck in one’s house watching TV

    And I humbly predict that we’ve seen the last of large scale cineplex cinemas…but, they were on their way out anyway — certain other entertainments will be modified, at least for a while. Humans have a tens of thousands of years history of social clinging. Our natural tendency is to group together en masse…watching TV is OK for a while, but soon the huddled masses are going to need to go dance at a sweaty disco or run in some crowded marathon

    The delayed start of the MLB season also seems utmost in many minds…it’s interesting to monitor individual priorities in an uncomfortable situation like this (“Will we have a Christmas World Series?…gosh!”)

    And what about that Ringo Starr concert tour that got cancelled due to C-19? Will we ever see Ringo in concert again?! Oh, the pain and stress…

    Gas stations, most stores (large and small) are open around Southern CA …laundromats are open, as well as auto mechanics (Jiffy Lube even allows drivers to stay in their cars while tune-ups are done) – businesses are adapting, and it’s almost thrilling to observe the adaptations…Internet workarounds are being initiated, my wife is even doing an online doctor follow-up this week…weird yes, but whatever works

    I’ve noticed an up-tick in lady bugs and bees in our back garden…the sky is a brilliant blue with unusual and entertaining cloud formations…air seems crisp and fresh, like mountain air…but, all this may be due to large rainfall we’ve had lately (and not due to millions of cars being off the roads)

    Stores are generally re-stocked now (but no toilet paper, oh the horror!) – but I have seen one or two small businesses boarded up (vintage clothing stores) – called my barber to see if they’re open (nope, not until late April) – a good haircut is my priority in these end times

    Starbucks and all fast food places locally have take out traffic constantly…luckily for me, our local donut shops are open, so I can easily access a glazed buttermilk donut and medium coffee in these uncertain times

    Then again, someone’s sister may have a different take on my personal C-19 situation

    (sorry for this lengthy post)
    thanks Tony, your updates are appreciated

    • Gamecock says:

      My hair cutter called today to say that the guv is shutting them down for min 2 weeks.

      I’m going to go for the long-haired, hippie look. Haven’t had it in 50 years.

  6. Erika says:

    Someone needs to come up with a version of the Finnish Rape Culture’s Tik Tok Dance-that would ward off out of control statists and viruses alike.

    barring that there is always the Bastille Day approach…

  7. Larry Weeden says:

    Nice bag Tony! Where are you going to mount the antlers? Best wishes – Larry

  8. lance says:

    12 Point Cottonelle….dude!

  9. Andre Rohde Garder says:

    – The end is near, said the Toilet Paper.


  10. Learned Hat says:

    back home, we got a taxidermy man . . . he gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung’em

  11. rah says:

    If I didn’t know better I would think that rifle was for protecting the TP. Still none on the shelves here unless one goes in early on a Monday morning after they get done restocking the shelves.

  12. Andre Rohde Garder says:

    Open letter sent to Merkel on Youtube from one of Germanys most cited experts.

    Homemade translation, see link under. Should not be too far off though.

    Translation – question 2 of 5

    2. Dangerousness
    A number of coronaviruses have been circulating for a long time – largely unnoticed by the media. [2] If it should turn out that the COVID-19 virus should not be ascribed a significantly higher risk potential than the already circulating corona viruses, all countermeasures would obviously become unnecessary.

    The internationally recognized International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents will soon publish a paper that addresses exactly this question. Preliminary results of the study can already be seen today and lead to the conclusion that the new virus is NOT different from traditional corona viruses in terms of dangerousness. The authors express this in the title of their paper „SARS-CoV-2: Fear versus Data“. [3]

    My question: How does the current workload of intensive care units with patients with diagnosed COVID-19 compare to other coronavirus infections, and to what extent will this data be taken into account in further decision-making by the federal government? In addition: Has the above study been taken into account in the planning so far? Here too, of course, „diagnosed“ means that the virus plays a decisive role in the patient’s state of illness, and not that previous illnesses play a greater role.

    Whole translation;

  13. EternalOptimist says:

    Well we have had a few nut-job police interventions in the UK , but only a handful so far, thankfully.
    We call them ‘PC Shiny Buttons’ over here. PC being Police Constable. maybe half a dozen reported stupidities in a week, one a day, so not too onerous.

    Being ex military, I am finding this all extremely easy. Switching between nocturnal and normal is a doddle and knowing that being a soldier is 99% boredom anyway, I just hibernate.
    Top advice for any youngsters here – join the army or the marines. You will walk tall and never regret it.

  14. Joe in Wyo says:

    Prince Charmin??
    Nice of you to help her out.
    You’re a good person.
    Thanks for all you do….
    Looking forward to some new photos as Spring is on its way…..
    Take care.

  15. Terry Shipman says:

    After looking at your picture I counted the rolls of toilet paper I have. 18 rolls should do me since it’s just me and the dog and he doesn’t use much. He goes to the door then stares at me. I then attach his 30 foot tether and he then plays out in the yard to his heart’s content. He has me well trained.

  16. Penelope says:

    And the very worst of it is that the seriousness of the virus is being misrepresented.
    To see a compendium of reports and studies of the actual experience in Italy
    and China, Japan, Korea, etc.
    Surprising that even the media could be as far wrong as they are.

  17. gregole says:

    Looking good Tony!

    This thing is being blown way out of proportion and as you say it’s hurting people.

  18. Jerry says:

    That photo is going to be a classic of the pandemic!
    I recently saw a news item that contained a comment from a gun dealer who said that a large number of his recent customers were professed liberals. He made the assumption that their purchase was to enable them to feel secure during self-isolation while watching CNN and guarding their stash of toilet paper. Your parody, perhaps?
    By-the-way…. That is a very lovely Carcano!

  19. Kuroneko says:

    A truly beautiful specimen you managed to sack there. Hunters luck!

  20. Robertv says:

    They did not stop my wife yet. She is a medical doctor now working in a hospital in Sabadell which means a 44 km car trip.
    I told her that if she is stopped not to open the window but just show her travel permit. Who knows if the police officer is infected.

  21. D. Boss says:

    A plea for more rational thought and behavior of this Kung-Flu panic:

    This German Doctor with excellent credentials poses some sanity into the mix. It is his latest video, which someone voiced over in English from the German to English subtitles.

  22. Matthew says:

    Ah, yes. The Greater Good™. The tyranny of good intentions. All in the name of safety…

  23. Bill says:

    Britain’s Lord Sumption is a former UK Supreme Court judge who takes the Covid-19 virus seriously, but views the reaction to it as a kind of collective hysteria that endangers Britain’s democratic traditions.

    Also, one of the problems with the reaction of our elites, that people should just retire to their beautiful isolated homes and spacious apartments for several months and shelter in place, is that the elites don’t understand most people either live paycheck to paycheck, or have at best a month or two of savings. People will soon begin drawing on their 401Ks (those who have them) with a double penalty – stock-based retirement savings took a 30% hit, then a 40% tax penalty for early withdrawal.

    • Gamecock says:

      Agreed. Elites call time out for their own protection. My hair cutter is a poor person. This is going to hurt her badly.

  24. G W Smith says:

    Great photo, Tony! Glad you could help her out! Keep up the good fight!

  25. paul courtney says:

    Good hunting, mate! And after the roll is used, you can mount the cardboard tubes on your trophy wall.

  26. Rudy Yakym, Jr. says:

    I will be passing through central Nebraska along interstate 80 today. It would be an honor to meet you if you don’t mind taking a little risk! :-)

    I love how all of your comments are data driven. No hyperbole, no stretching the truth, just simply the facts and data. :-)

  27. Jamie Spry says:

    Good on you, Tony. Btw, what calibre?

  28. Mary Anne Sillamaa says:

    Admirable hunting skills. Such game is rarely to be sighted where I live. :)

  29. Michael Moore says:

    Thanks Tony. A couple of great qoutes that very much fit the dark totalitarian times we find ourself in.

  30. Tel says:

    Australia is doing the same thing, and it’s kind of strange how these empty headed government dingbats from all around the world all get the same idea at the same time.

    We need to discover the connections back to the “advisers” in this epidemic.

  31. rah says:

    This truck driver is taking a week of unpaid vacation. After the Nestles load I was supposed to take to Robesonia, PA was delayed 24 hours and then delayed again until the 7th the only loads they had that were not subject to cancel were runs of Red Gold Tomato products to South Eastern NY and this 64 year old man has no intention of going to that area right now. I cannot afford to bring this virus back to my home considering the state of health of my wife and I sure as heck don’t want it either.

    By taking a week unpaid vacation I also leave runs for guys driving for miles so should help with driver retention. If their backs get up against the wall and they really need me they know they can call and I’ll come running.

  32. Andre Rohde Garder says:

    While we decide on the matter if humanity and the world has gone totally mad or just plain stupid we can always laugh about it I guess…

  33. Dan Auton says:

    I’m just protecting my stockpile – and as you can see boredom has driven me to bad photoshopping

  34. Philippa Westerman says:

    My good blade carves the casques of men,
    My tough lance thrusteth sure,
    My strength is as the strength of ten,
    Because my heart is pure….

    How sweet are looks that ladies bend
    On whom their favours fall !
    For them I battle till the end,
    To save from shame and thrall: …

    When on my goodly charger borne
    Thro’ dreaming towns I go …

    The clouds are broken in the sky,
    And thro’ the mountain-walls
    A rolling organ-harmony
    Swells up, and shakes and falls.
    Then move the trees, the copses nod,
    Wings flutter, voices hover clear:
    ‘O just and faithful knight of God!
    Ride on ! the prize is near.’
    So pass I hostel, hall, and grange;
    By bridge and ford, by park and pale,
    All-arm’d I ride, whate’er betide,
    Until I find the holy Grail.

    Ave, Sir Galahad! (Apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson)

  35. G says:

    Here’s the COVID-19 dry run (note the dates):

    I suspect this whole farce has more to do with global financial and societal control than global health.

    Watch for the soon to be released vaccines, which I suspect may be enforced in places where they can enforce them…

  36. rah says:

    BTW there was TP on the store shelves here in my part of Indiana today for the first time in two weeks.

  37. establ says:

    TOO FAR?? Man Arrested for Paddleboarding in Malibu BY HIMSELF — Faces Up to Six Months in Jail!

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