Declining January-March Temperatures In Fairbanks, Alaska

The average daily temperature in Fairbanks, Alaska so far this year has been -6F (-21C) which is third coldest in the last 40 years.

The first three months of the year has cooled considerably since the PDO shift in 1976.

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2 Responses to Declining January-March Temperatures In Fairbanks, Alaska

  1. Gator says:

    My cousin in anchorage said they have had one of the coldest Winter she can remember, and loads of snow, after a very hot Summer. I was there for the “heat”, and it was quite pleasant.

  2. Chris Gauer says:


    As always, interesting facts you present. I have been following your work for a while. I live in Calgary and have been looking at the Canadian temperature record as I am planning to to do a rebuttal of Katherine Hayhoe’s Alberta Climate Future Report. She is peddling dire temperature increases and extreme weather conditions going forward. That got me to do my own research, in a large part inspired by your analysis of the US temperature data. I have a number of key (preliminary) observations in the Canadian historical record that mirrors your findings in the USA. They include:

    – decreasing July maximum temperatures over the full historical recrod
    – almost all of the observed warming appears to be at night and in winter
    – with the above observations, the average temperature is increasing, but it can be ovserved that summer days are not getting hotter in most Canadian cities
    – this is evident in the long term record of summer hot days (over 25 and 30 degree C) that show declines over the historical record

    Of course, for her report Hayhoe truncates the historical record prior to 1950, which takes out any past climate cycles and only looks at the recent upswing, which will subside. The Canadian record shows hot summers from 1910 to 1945 which were hotter than now.

    I am still working on my analysis, but I would like to talk to you if at all possible. You may be interested in my findings and I would benefit from someone who has been doing this for a much longer time.

    Please send me a email if you can.

    Best Regards


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