Democrats Set Their Priorities

Democrats don’t want to help Americans, until jets stop emitting so much CO2.

CONGRESS: Democrats want climate action included in coronavirus aid — Thursday, March 19, 2020 —

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45 Responses to Democrats Set Their Priorities

  1. Gator says:

    Well they tried tying abortions to the virus bill, so why not the other leftist sponsored genocide know as CAGW. It’s what they do.

  2. Petit_Barde says:

    This should be mandatory for any of these dumbass who faces a respiratory destress (be it due to SARS-COV-2 or not since climate action must always prevail) :

    – in order to comply with their climate belief, they will have to go to the next hospital with an available intensive care unit by bike or walking (Skateboards allowed).

  3. G W Smith says:

    AGW is feeling belittled and ignored.

  4. Dave says:


    I am a long time follower that takes comfort in the sane voice that you have brought to the climate change discussion.
    I’m sure that I am one of many.
    Can you do us the favor of giving us the best info that you have
    related to the demographics of the doomsday virus?

    – Dave

  5. annieoakley says:

    I knew they would infect any legislation with ‘climate change’. It is ironic that Dr. Roy Spencer is the one person who noticed the Chinese flu wasn’t infecting Africans who likely were taking or had taken the anti-malaria drug and of course the UN/Chinese stooges don’t want it used to treat a virus.

    • Gamecock says:

      One could think the government wants a high-dollar, pharmaceutical based vaccination solution, rather than a generic, OTC tablet solution.

  6. czechlist says:

    The democrat motto of “never let a crisis go to waste” manifests again. I have never voted a straight ticket but I cannot imagine ever voting for a democrat again. Their lust to take our freedom and control our lives is obvious.
    Interrogatory: why aren’t grocery store employees dying exponentially?. Currently they arer the people most potentially exposed to the virus yet (with exception of the WA nursing facility) the reported cases seem to be ompletely random
    What abut airports? I have family who work at DFW servicing international carriers and they aren’t aware of anyone there who has been infected. And none reported by media. Why is Japan reporting so few cases?
    When did Chinese become a race? Same time ad Mexico?
    To paraphrase the bard: Something is rotten worldwide

    • Gator says:

      Last I checked, most Mexicans are descendants of the Spanish, and Spain is a part of Europe. The Spanish conquered what is now Mexico hundreds of years ago, and wiped out the vast majority of the natives in the process.

      I have a friend from Argentina who had never seen a black person until she was in her forties, and here in the US. Argentina used their blacks as cannon fodder in battle, and virtually eliminated their presence.

      Between 1502 and 1866, of the 11.2 million Africans, only 388,000 arrived in North America, while the rest arrived in Latin America and the Caribbean.

      How is it that America receives the lion’s share of the blame when we were nothing more than an third rate also-ran, and when we didn’t use genocide to rid ourselves of them when we were through with slavery?

      • arn says:

        How is it that that Americans receive a lion’s share of blame
        when they were only involved in a fraction of a fraction of slavery muslims were and still are(mauretania,sudan) for 1400 years
        on a scale magnitudes higher than the american slave trade
        (which only used the existing muslim slave infrastructure).

        Especially as the americans were the only one to fight for the freedom of those slaves.

        Nowadays you will find far more black people(eg. in sports)
        in American or European teams as USA,france,brazil
        than in north african or turkish ones,
        because those eliminated the slaves after slavery was forbidden by “evil” white men.

        Same pattern with South Africa.
        South Africa was attacked for Apartheid for decades
        while muslim countries were still in full slavery mode.
        though the apartheid system was far more human than muslim slavery or the kafala system.
        But there was and is no Mandela to cry about that.
        No Sanders,Obama and other pseudo do gooders,
        no hollywood whores etc.
        No olympic committee or FIFA to exclude or boycott.

        I wonder why?
        Who controls the spice controls the universe-
        and in this terms the MSM&politics
        as it is the quantity and way of reporting
        that matters and not the objective reality.

        And this purposeful manipulation goes so far that you can not even mention muslim slavery on youtube without your comment being instantly deleted or shadow banned.

        • Gator says:

          … the apartheid system was far more human than muslim slavery or the kafala system.

          In many ways, the apartheid system was superior to what they do now. It dictated separation, and equality. Now whites are the oppressed, and blacks are little better off, if at all.

          Government corruption is an endemic problem. Violent crime has not been tamed. The HIV/AIDS rates are among the highest in the world. Squatter communities just keep expanding, and millions of poor blacks have seen little or no improvement in their lives.

          President Jacob Zuma, 72, who is expected to win another five years in power, has always been a polarizing figure. A recent anti-corruption report criticized him for spending more than $23 million to upgrade his private home, including amenities such as a swimming pool and an amphitheater. He was booed at a memorial service for Mandela last December even though the crowd was dominated by members of his party.

          For those struggling to get ahead, a common complaint is that only people with connections to the party or the government are advancing. There’s even a name for them: “tenderpreneurs,” a reference to businessmen who are skilled at getting government contracts, or tenders.

          It is classic Animal Farm.

  7. Kurt Arner says:

    Asking airlines to reduce their CO2 emissions is akin to asking dogs to stop pooping. You can’t move an airplane from A to B without Jet A1 (or something similar). Sustainable Jet Fuel is a farce. Not sustainable, certainly not economically. Some studies show increased GHG emissions for so-called “biofuels”.

    The main priority now should be to ensure proper car for those taken ill. Independent of whether it’s Covid-19, another virus or something else. Then test all inhabitants of towns where there are multiple occurrences of illness and positive results for Covid-19. If > 40% of a town are already infected, social distancing will probably be futile.

    Next, ask hard questions of the Chinese government and of the WHO. What really happened in Wuhan? Why hadn’t anyone tested or reported on Chloroquine or similar anti-malaria drugs until a week ago? Aren’t these people supposed to be experts? Isn’t public health supposed to be their mandate?

    Or are they more interested in “managing” the crisis as opposed to solving the crisis?

  8. Kurt Arner says:

    Proper care.

  9. arn says:

    Seems they are afraid that the Coronavirus is stealing the spotlight from
    So welcome Co2rinavirus.

    Never waste a crisis.
    Never miss a chance to virtue signal.

  10. Mary says:

    That’s because the sun has a corona, and we all know the sun controls earth’s temperature.

  11. Taphonomic says:

    The “large footprint of commercial aviation” is microscopic compared to the “footprint” of Chinese CO2 emissions. But it’s probably racist to point that out.

  12. Chuck Hortler says:

    Covid-19 must be the ultimate environmentalist’s weapon: it allows them to hide their insouciant disregard for humanity, empties the skies and roads and depopulates the planet’s worst scourge: their fellow human beings… unless/until their health is in peril of course.

  13. Chris says:

    Kick the economy while it’s down. Good move, Dems!

  14. Michael Spencer says:

    It just goes to show how cult indoctrination keeps working.

    Nothing’s changed since Herr Doktor Josef Goebbels was plying his trade back in the 1930s! (And that’s getting on towards a century ago now – think of that!)

  15. Logic n Reason says:

    So make all Democrat politicians who fly to DC pay a personal contribution ( not expenses) of $250 per flight to show how much they care.

  16. Robertv says:

    Pass the Bill to find out what’s in it.

    1000 pages ?

  17. Aussie says:

    Talk about priorities…

    The situation here in Australia changes by the hour. I and many others here on the Gold Coast enjoyed a great day on the beach. Everybody was “distancing” and well spaced, and its good to forget the non stop apocalyptic coverage for a while.

    I then see that they now want to ban people going to the beach???

    • Gamecock says:

      In the end, it is the people who will control their own behavior, regardless of government peacock proclamations.

      To whit: the cops are gone. Haven’t seen one in days. [No speed limits!]

      You first have to find a cop who will approach a group of people. Good luck! Are they going to risk their lives to run people off the beach? NFW! Politicians assume the infrastructure behind them is still there.

      In some cities, you are more likely to be arrested for breaking out of your house than for breaking into another one. Assuming any cops are actually enforcing any of this. Gamecock says quarantine the sick; leave the healthy alone. They will take their own measures for their own protection.

      Aussie, you remind me of On the Beach, 1959. One of my all time favorite movies.

    • annieoakley says:

      No fun allowed in Communism and Islam, apparently.

  18. rah says:

    Some think the democrats are positioning NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to be their presidential nominee.

    I don’t care who the socialist democrats and their press put up as their standard bearer. It ain’t gonna work! The socialist democrats lost the initiative to team Trump after the Russia debacle and none of their schemes to regain it have worked. All they can do is react and their reactions have been counter productive.

    Never have the socialist democrats and their press been so exposed to so many. The current emergency has focused the attention of many low information voters on the national news in a way very few events could and anyone paying even a little attention can see that the socialist democrats and their press are more focused on getting Trump any way possible and trying to use the situation as an opportunity to advance their usual agenda than helping to deal with this emergency or keeping the people well informed. Their fear and desperation is so palpable now even low information voters are picking up on it. Thus their ever more violent hyperbolic defensive struggles are only causing them to sink ever deeper in the quicksand.

  19. GCSquared says:

    Thank you annieoakley for your astute post about the correlation between the presence of malaria and the absence of Covid in Africa: another pin in the map supporting hydroquinone treatment.

    I watch Bill Still on you tube from time to time (mostly for his track record in calling elections). Bill has been discussing hydroquinone treatment, and says he’s going to document, in the next few days, how Fauci has been trying to suppress its use. Should be interesting.

    Climate alarmism has corrupted our minds, and allowing COVID to spread unnecessarily is corrupting our bodies and economy. What’s next?

  20. Bob Hoye says:

    While the Left lives in and for anxiety, it can handle only one such issue at a time.
    In the early 1970s, it was Global Cooling,then Acid Rain and Ozone Holes.
    Then there was the shattering risks of “Alar” on apples.
    But now, they have global warming and climate change both marketed under “Climate Hysteria”.
    The “Everything Bubble” turned into the “Everything Correction” and is now the “Everything Collapse”.
    The latter has serious consequences–as in unemployment, hard times, insolvencies and defaults.
    The Left just won’t be able to handle Climate, economic depression and now they are hysterical about another respiratory infection.
    Quite possibly the Left will suffer a massive failure.

  21. michael says:

    Tony… is it time to switch focus? YOU’VE WON one battle, how about another one?

    Astonishing proof from Switzerland / Chemtrails / Corona
    Whether you are old enough to know how jet vapor used to dissipate within seconds, the fact is, chemtrail activists have been vindicated yet again. In mid February I noticed chemtrails (when “vapor” is permanent and spreads ever wider all day long) over central European cities were suddenly wild, crisscrossing, in-your-face, such as one normally only sees in U.S. megacities (and not at all in South America with the same airlines). Then they started spraying only at night!! (vivid in moonlight during my daily midnight mountain hikes). This makes corona sense, because sunlight kills the virus. The spraying was NOT about climate/sun blocking. Then the week ending Friday the 13th, all spraying stops! The sky was still full of jets (flying empty to preserve their airport slots?), but now all “vapor” dissipates in seconds, making it hard to spot and photograph jets. For the first time in 10 years there are no long jet trails, day or night. Airports are not closed around this part of Switzerland yet but apparently they will soon, and the elite are getting sloppy, thinking no one will notice. In October Bill Gates and WEF/Davos and Rockefeller Foundation conducted a corona simulation based in New York. China’s Wuhan did one too, but with real troops. Two months later it starts in Wuhan.

    In February here in Switzerland (WEF-Davos) the financial oligarchs apparently decided that their plan to control the human body by attacking the basis of all life (CO2) was a battle lost due to TOO MUCH TRUTH FROM TONY HELLER (I assume). So they ordered the rollout of corona, which enables dictatorial control of your body, hides the ongoing collapse of the banking system and debt bubble WEF and the Swiss BIS created, and will apparently end with Bill Gates’ ID2020, which calls for a globally-unique ID for every human being, administered via vaccine. Gates-associated Pirbright owns a patent on Coronavirus. Isn’t this a bit too obvious? Or are they so confident people will be shocked by the swiftness of government action and MSM hype? It worked on 9-11 right? The Italian gov just reported over MSM (bloomberg) that at most only ONE PERCENT of the deaths can be blamed solely on CV. So its a hoax. Under Obama, H1N1 saw 60 MILLION American cases, 12,000 deaths… no lockdown, no hype, no martial law. Under Trump, we have a indescribably tiny 14,000 cases, and statistically zero (159) deaths… with the gov causing the complete destruction of the U.S. economy, passing laws allowing arrests and jail without trial or limit, and rolling out military.

    ALL THE POPULAR “ALT” and “TRUTHER” MEDIA IS COMPLICIT: fear mongering, with no data, full support of Trump. Have you noticed the stark lack of criticism and questioning whether “corona” (a family of the common flu) is actually a hoax to destroy freedom? Many hoped the Bankruptcy King would undo Obama’s damage. Right now it looks like the end of America, money, food, freedom, and elections. Sorry about that. Until Alt-Media talks about U.S. crass immorality, and how communism always follows a rapid rise in “freedom to do what you want” (the motto of the Church of Satan), then the U.S. is doomed to repeat Europe’s horrible phoenix cycle of boom and burn.

  22. michael says:

    In Europe, the entire leftist agenda has literally been crushed overnight. All media coverage of energy, green, CO2, Greta, e-cars, immigration, and open borders has completely disappeared. Everyone has noticed and posted comments to local online papers. Borders are closed, the majority now hates immigrants, the cartels are being shut down, tax revenue has stopped, the economy is at half throttle, the world’s largest e-car show got canned, and public transportation is shutting down. The left is as shocked as the right, and this is why there is no resistance. People who think along “party lines” are fools falling into the trap and are not taking action but watching TV and shooting hopium. Hitler did this to the Freemasons and corps without which he would not have built a totalitarian state. Then he dropped them and let them rot. The MSM in the US will be shredded (no advertising) and merged, as will the corps. The left will be betrayed, and the right thinks Trump is a good old boy, instead of an occultist, serial adulterer and banker puppet.

    Here’s the NEW AGENDA across Europe: 1) NO CASH FOR FOOD, 2) CONTROLLED ACCESS TO FOOD (and NO access to shoes, clothing, printing paper or construction materials, or toilet paper); 3) TOTAL SHUTDOWN OF ALL MOBILITY (incl socialists’ dear public transportation); DELIBERATE DESTRUCTION OF THE PRIVATE ECONOMY (all shops, factories, construction)… and TOTAL DEPENDENCE on gov (in Switzerland the jobless claims exploded 4 percent one day after closing restaurants). Next will be a vaccination, which Denmark has already ruled will be forced on all human beings. This will separate the men from the boys. No buying or selling without Bill Gates ID2020 global ID. Switzerland is surrounded by the old fascist states of Italy, France, Germany, and Austria, all of which are under extreme totalitarian fascism which I call “home prison”. Only the Swiss can still take the dog for a walk, go to the grocery store, and even about half still commute to work, including my wife who is a school teacher (tho’ no kids “for 2 weeks”). In France you need a police permit to exit your house. In Spain, drones yell at people to get off the street. Yet no one actually knows someone who has died from the virus. Even MIT says its a hoax. Get ready, America, it will start in your sin cities with lock down and then rapid destruction. First they built a wall — the last warning to exit the country — now they’ve closed the borders, then airports, and THEN martial law. I’ll bet many people thought they could exit the country before it got this far!! They are much smarter than you, because they see and understand evil.

    • Gator says:

      Even MIT says its a hoax

      No, they called it an “info-demic”…

      Seems you only managed to validate their point.

      • Michael says:

        MIT scientist Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD in Biological Engineering; and GOP candidate for US Senate for Massachusetts.

        His tweet from 9 Mar 2020:
        “As an MIT PhD in Biological Engineering who studies & does research nearly every day on the Immune System, the #coronavirus fear mongering by the Deep State will go down in history as one of the biggest fraud to manipulate economies, suppress dissent, & push MANDATED Medicine!”

        • Gator says:

          This nutter is not MIT…

          Ayyadurai makes the controversial claim to be the “inventor of email”…

          In March 2016, Ayyadurai alleged that the overlooking of his achievements was a result of racism and a conspiracy between mainstream media and the military–industrial complex, particularly Raytheon, where Tomlinson worked on ARPANET. After Tomlinson’s death, Ayyadurai told The Hindu that he believed that news outlets retracted their stories about him because, “Raytheon advertises in publications like the Huffington Post and CNN” and that if he were “a white guy and had a copyright for email, I would have my photo on every stamp in the world.”[54] The day after Tomlinson’s death, Ayyadurai tweeted: “I’m the low-caste, dark-skinned, Indian, who DID invent #email. Not Raytheon, who profits for war & death. Their mascot Tomlinson dies a liar”.

          Another Al Gore. Not MIT.

          Nice try Michael.

          • Michael says:

            Gator: from your wiki link:
            “Ayyadurai holds four degrees from MIT, including a Ph.D. in biological engineering, and is a Fulbright grant recipient.”
            So, yes, MIT, and par excellence… or don’t you understand the significance of “Fulbright” scholar? And maybe you aren’t old enough to remember him as an international junior high math genius? Maybe you don’t know how the U.S. patent office, which has nothing from dead-last Americans (no.38 worldwide, I believe, lower than all other “Western” countries and some 3rd worlders) routinely steals patents from other, far more intelligent countries such as India, which dominates programming, especially in America. The US gov then hands these out to cronies, just as Trump announced today with Deep Staters Ross and Mnuchin to party out 100s of billions stolen from un-mathed American taxpayers. It seems every 2nd Indian immigrant is summa cum laude and a top engineer or in the medical elite in Calif or New England. I know personally an Indian in Boston, age 30, who built a computer to rip off all of Wall Street computers in A.I. trading, and has retired, founded a new university, and runs 2 billion-plus hedge funds. One of the most horrific tragedies of the modern era is what the City of London’s East India Company has done to India. An American cousin of mine online dated and married an Indian, who immigrated last year to the US and now runs smart hydraulics for John Deere (age 25). His degree in India meant an automatic hire, since the school level there is so far higher than the U.S.
            How about you, Gator? What is your claim to intelligence and wisdom? After all, even athiest ethics dictate that only someone of higher wisdom or achievement can instruct or correct the lower.
            You should travel some and maybe get work and residency permits on multiple continents, speak several languages, get humbled by foreigners until you hate America’s system, work in finance and political economy, run a multi-million business with 300 employees, and then come back and comment on a Fulbright / math / biology genius from India. What are your degrees and IQ? Even the internet is not American, as I thought when I played my first online computer game in 1972 via a link to Franklin and Marshall college when my father was commissioned to build a computer department.

            By the way, America’s flag was chosen for her by her founder and ruler – the East India Company. This would explain why Switzerland has not one homeless person, while America is the only place on earth with a sidewalk feces problem and tent cities. That isn’t civilized, nor are your comments, which fit the classic pattern of criticism without intelligent content, replete with logical fallacies, typical of a paid disinformant.

          • Gator says:

            Crazy people receive degrees from colleges all the time. All one has to do is look at the credentials of virtually any alarmist. Letters after one’s name does not negate mental illness.

            Speaking of which, what is your degree? LOL

            … America’s flag was chosen for her by her founder and ruler – the East India Company.

            Right, the company that received its charter from Queen Elizabeth, queen of England whom we defeated in a bloody war, is our founder and ruler.


          • Gator says:

            And I guess I should answer your other accusations:

            How about you, Gator? What is your claim to intelligence and wisdom? After all, even athiest ethics dictate that only someone of higher wisdom or achievement can instruct or correct the lower.

            Not sure what you are readiong under that tinfoil hat, because anyone can instruct, if they are in the right. Period.

            You should travel some and maybe get work and residency permits on multiple continents, speak several languages, get humbled by foreigners until you hate America’s system, work in finance and political economy, run a multi-million business with 300 employees, and then come back and comment on a Fulbright / math / biology genius from India. What are your degrees and IQ?

            I was born in France, had dual citizenship until I was 18, and we lived in Europe twice. I learned four languages as a matter of necessity, as we traveled extensively. As for my education, I have two degrees, one of which is Remote Sensing, and I work in the banking industry.

            Even the internet is not American, as I thought when I played my first online computer game in 1972 via a link to Franklin and Marshall college when my father was commissioned to build a computer department.

            To wrap it up, as an American I am long accustomed to the overt jealousy that comes from citizens of second rate countries, so I will not take your childish tirade personally, but as a matter of pride.

            A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.
            -Robert A. Heinlein

            Seek help.

        • Vegieman says:


          The site ran out of replies from your last reply down below, so I’ll chime in here. Both you and Gator are way smarter than me, but I believe the two of you to be of the same tendency for truth. However, neither of the horses you ride will save you.

          So for you both, and all ye lovers of Truth, there is yet a day coming, a day so terrible, a prophecy inevitable, a silencing of mockers great and small, the greatest most grandest delusion of them all. When the letting of all letting is finally let, this abomination of desolation (or an abomination who desolates), a most fair to behold and wonderful beast, will step up onto that most Holy place and declare: you will worship (obey) me!

          Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near. Let the wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts. Let him turn to the LORD, and he will have mercy on him, and to our God, for he will freely pardon.

          “For if people do these things when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry?”

      • Scissor says:

        Apparently, to have a pandemic one only needs a dem in panic.

  23. Petit_Barde says:

    What does think Didier Raoult, a reknowed French infectious disease specialist and microbiology professor, about quarantine :

    He speaks in French but you can use subtitles with English YT traduction.

    Extract :
    ” The last time we applied quarantine in France was to figth [1832 epidemics of] cholera in Marseille and I can assure you, this method did not work.”

    Results of a non ramdomized clinical trial – done by Didier Raoult’s team – with Hydro-chloroquine combined with Azythromycine (from page 8 to 10) :

    • Scissor says:

      In some of those countries, the average age is about 17 years old. If they get the disease they will not suffer the worst symptoms.

  24. Gamecock says:

    Jeeeze, michael. What do you do for fun?

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