The Atlantic Says 2.2 Million Will Die By The End Of Summer

By the end of June, there will be 15 times as many COVID-19 patients as beds. By the end of the summer, the pandemic will have directly killed 2.2 million Americans

How the Pandemic Will End – The Atlantic – Medium

A few weeks ago, they said global warming was going to kill us all.

2019 Was the Second-Hottest Year on Record – The Atlantic

The Atlantic says global warming will kill the oceans.

The IPCC Sea-Level-Rise Report: The Oceans Are Breaking – The Atlantic

The say global warming will alter our sense of time.

Should People Be Scared About Climate Change? – The Atlantic

And they also say that glaciers are going to fall on us.

Climate Change: More Tourist Deaths on Melting Glaciers – The Atlantic

Experts say overpopulation killed us by the year 1980.

6 Oct 1970, Page 3 – Redlands Daily Facts at

And global warming killed us by the year 2020.

2020 is the deadline to avert climate catastrophe | Daily Mail Online

Global cooling killed us a long time ago.

25 Nov 1981, 13 – Chicago Tribune at

And global warming also killed us 20 years ago.

Mercury News: Search Results

You lack the qualifications to dispute these experts.

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17 Responses to The Atlantic Says 2.2 Million Will Die By The End Of Summer

  1. D. Boss says:

    Of course both media and “experts” can and are often completely wrong. It is estimated our testing protocol, which so far is only testing folks showing symptoms or with direct contact of a known infected person… it is estimated the real number of infected is 7-15 times higher than the present positive tested individuals. One estimate suggests 98% of those infected have little or no symptoms…

    Right now US stands at 142,000 infected with 2,500 deaths. If we use the lower estimate of total infections that is 142,000 x 7 = 994,000. So 2,500 deaths against 994,000 infected yields 0.25% death rate.

    So worst case, 60% of US population gets infected, at 0.25% death rate yields 525,000 dead. Likelihood is much fewer, probably by an order of magnitude as the “modelers” for the virus are as out to lunch as are climate modelers.

    Example 2,500 dead WITH the virus does not mean all died BECAUSE of the virus! Of the old and compromised who died, how many would have died in that time period without the Wu-Flu?

    There is a video by a German Doctor that indicates these “normal” deaths may be as many or more than the daily totals attributed to the Wu-Flu:

    Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics!

    • Bob says:

      Oeman50. Yup, we all missed that boat. I hear that another is due pretty soon. Have patience.

    • Louis Hooffstetter says:

      Not to worry…
      The Atlantic used computer climate models to predict the number of deaths.
      And we know how accurate computer climate model projections are.

  2. Bart says:

    Pinterest is still blocking image posting from this site. It warns that it may be “spam”.

  3. rah says:

    And they also think we lack the qualifications to dispute or even doubt the veracity of the press that publishes such excrement as if it’s credible. They’re wrong! If they were as powerful as they think they are then Hillary would be president now and using COVID-19 as an excuse to try and implement the “green” agenda.

  4. Gator says:

    Ironic that a publication called “The Atlantic” would be so entirely ignorant about our oceans.

  5. Bill says:

    If you haven’t heard it, this presentation on The End of the World is from Beyond the Fringe, a Sixties classic:

    Don’t read if you’re going to listen!
    “When will it be, this end of the world of which you have spoken, Brother Emile?”
    “When, yes, when… In about thirty seconds time, according to the very ancient pyramidic scrolls and me Ingersoll watch.”
    “Hadn’t we better compose ourselves?”
    “Yes, prepare for the end of the world…”
    [All together] “Now is the end – perish the world!”
    [… nothing happens …]
    [soto voce] “That was GMT, wasn’t it?”
    “Well, it’s not quite the conflagration we’d been banking on. Never mind, lads; same time tomorrow? We must get a winner one day.”

  6. MeMyselfAndI says:

    Notice one of the other articles, “A Terrifying Sea-Level Prediction Now Looks Far Less Likely.” Let’s all agree that climate change is inevitable, and save ourselves a lot of money, time and angst.

  7. G W Smith says:

    One might have to ask whether the hysterical alarmism of “experts” is becoming more dangerous than CO2 or Covid-19 when considering the fear and paranoia they are engendering among the people of the world.

  8. oeman50 says:

    Yeah, Tony, I’m just a dumb engineer hick with a straw hat and a piece of grass between my teeth. I only had to take multivariable calculas, linear algerbra, defferential equations, phisical chemistry, reacter kinetics, mass tranport, etc. Easy stuff. I am sure ’nuff too ignorant to tell if I died in 1999.

  9. Greg Locke says:

    For about 6 months after 9/11, The Atlantic dedicated issues to predicting how George Bush’s response to the attacks guaranteed that terrorist attacks would bring the U.S. to its knees by 2005. Railways would be destroyed, the electrical grid in tatters, and even Las Vegas hotels would be smoking ruins. The American people, their economy in shambles, would live cowering in their homes. Bleak times were inevitable. I still have those magazines, and go back and look at them every time the Atlantic publishes a prediction. Interestingly, it’s the same guys writing the COVID-19 stuff as wrote the 9/11 stuff. There’s obviously glory, security and money in being totally wrong if you have the proper political views; Trump is bad, and has blood on his hands. He has failed the American people worse than George II did .

  10. Bob says:

    D.Boss. Wu-Flu, that label is new to some (me). Pity it wouldn’t qualify for Trade-name protection (describes product or function). Otherwise, you’d be onto a winner for future use in book or song and other titled purposes. Wu-Flu, might qualify alongside Spanflu
    Germeasles. The list is endless:

  11. paul courtney says:

    I must be like Haley Joe Osment, I can see dead people. Six feet away!

  12. Tel says:

    The Atlantic is a neocon bullshit engine, it serves only the purpose of increasing military budgets.

    The 2M2 number comes from models only and it is a worst case figure based on their “no intervention” scenario … obviously this is stacked to make their intervention look pretty darn good in comparison, but anyway intervention has already begun so the real numbers are much lower. You will note the use of the word “may” in the Atlantic headline as a hint that you can ignore the article entirely.

    There’s the official modelling curves if anyone is interested.

  13. Hotwire says:

    So much fear, children must be out of their minds with terror. Their grandparents died in 1980 before their parents were even born.
    The only emergency is a drought of intelligence.

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