Climate Expert Pope Francis Weighs In On COVID

Pope says coronavirus could be a reaction to climate change

Meanwhile, Michael Mann says the planet is doomed.

Michael E. Mann on Twitter: So enough with the “the PLANET will be fine!” refrains. It won’t be.” / Twitter

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20 Responses to Climate Expert Pope Francis Weighs In On COVID

  1. CheshireRed says:

    This Pope seems to be a right sucker for fairy stories. Once is unlucky but twice…?

  2. Gator says:

    Actual Christian leaders see the hand of God in everything, but leftist leaders only see the hand of man and climate change in everything. Same day, different religion. One teaches us to love one another, and the other teaches us to be subjects of a an overbearing and hateful pagan lord.

  3. G W Smith says:

    Mann is so determined to convince us that the planet is sick that he will make it sick any way he can, in order to help it. Classic leftist: in order to fix everything they must first destroy everything.

  4. arn says:

    The day this guy entered the vatican i said
    “Now the phrase “Is the pope catholic?” will no longer be rhethorical.
    He is just the logical result of Bela Dodds relevations that the communist had sent out 1100 agents to infiltrate the catholic church which
    goes along with Frankfurt Schools plan to destroy the west
    with critical theory and polymorphic perversion
    as western culture and religion were considered the only real obstacles to world communism.

  5. Cathy Norman says:

    The Pope’s words on Faith and Morals are to be respected. But he is not a scientist and has little, if any authority to pronounce on scientific findings.

    • Colorado Wellington says:


      You are describing how things ought to be, not how they are.

      It is hard to respect the moral authority of a vicar who lacks self-awareness, wisdom and humility. Through my life I’ve met plenty of haughty men who didn’t know what they didn’t know and kept talking about things they didn’t understand. Isn’t it a lowly human pride that leads this Pope into the same trap?

      I am sorry. I really am.

    • Gary Lockhart says:

      The Pope’s words on Faith and Morals are to be respected. (sic)

      Hardly. Bergoglio has been doing yeoman’s work is dispelling the old myth that all members of the Society of Jesus are intellectuals. He’s not a liturgist, not a theologian, not a canonist and not a faithful disciple of Christ or His Bride. He’s simply a nasty Peronist.

      Whoever buried Jesuit Superior General Kolvenbach’s 1991 report advising that Bergoglio was unfit to be ordained a Bishop likely had a very unpleasant particular judgment and may very well end up spending eternity paying for that coverup.

  6. Apoc Santilli says:

    Everyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that Michael E Mann speaks just to hear himself and to ensure that he still has the ability. He is incapable of thinking and speaking (especially typing) coherently at the same time. As always, consider the source and the motives behind his handlers.

  7. johnbuk says:

    I think most people would agree with dear Michael, at some time the planet will not be LIVEABLE for humans. He might even have 100% consensus on that.
    The question has always been when?
    And given the timescales involved will there be humans around then anyway?

  8. nfw says:

    If I were the Pope and Michael Mann they should stick to their myths. How’s Mann going paying Dr Ball? He went forum shopping and when it went against him he runs.

  9. mikegeo says:

    yeh, the pope – a guy in charge of an organization that used to burn people at the stake for having different beliefs than them. And Mann who just burns data.
    This article by Delingpole today says lots about skepticism and modeling problems and the intersection with public policy. Worth the read.

    • Gator says:

      The Spanish Inquisition was started and run by the Spanish royals, and the church only intervened when the inquisitions became brutal. Once the church took over, the abuses ceased. Most people are unaware of this, because history is written by the winners, and the Spanish lost to the protestant British.

      The reason behind the Inquisition is simple. The royal family received their right to rule from God. If the citizenry stopped believing in God, the family lost their sovereignty. Ergo…

  10. nsfsf says:

    Remember, even the D.C. Superior Court knows that Michael Mann is a fraudulent scientist. (liars gonna lie)


  11. kzvx says:

    Has he even read the bible?

  12. Dave N says:

    As much as the Pope is extremely ignorant, he said nothing that comes close to that headline. He did rant in a very factually incorrect way, though.

  13. David of Aussie says:

    If it’s Mother Nature’s response to get even with Mankind and restore some sort of balance, than Mother Nature is a dumbarse. The most likely outcome of a severe prolonged world economic downturn will be that the unemployed hoards will descend like a plague into wilderness areas to chop every tree down for heat and shoot every living thing that moves for food.

  14. Bob Irvine says:

    Hi Tony
    This is unrelated to this topic.
    I have done a short study of the 57 long term (1910-2017) Australian Stations and
    isolated the amount of homogenisation in each.
    I found there was a strong correlation between the amount of homogenisation and the latest warming rate for the corresponding station in the Acorn-Sat 2 temperature series.
    Time of observation is not an issue in Australia.
    To my mind this correlation proves that the BOM’s algorithm is artificially warming the record in some way.
    If you would like to take a look at the paper and possibly run it on your blog, send me your email contact.
    Your website is a great resource,
    Keep up the good work.

  15. Gamecock says:

    We need a new retort. ‘Is the Pope Catholic?’ isn’t self evident anymore.

  16. Gary Lockhart says:

    Bergoglio could give Mann a run for his money as to who is the bigger fraud.

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